Monday, May 26, 2008


Iowans Sort Through Massive Tornado Damage

I am just feeling overwhelmed by this right now. On the heels of a weird spring, this round of severe weather just caught me off-guard mentally.

And we are not even into summer yet...


nerdgarden said...

Yikes! I thought about you guys when I heard about that disastrous tornado but didn't realize it was that close until I looked up Parkersburg on Google maps.

I hope all is well where you're at. Thankfully we haven't had any actual "severe" weather yet this Spring (lots of rain, to be sure, but no real storminess...).


jennifer said...

It's not really all that close... maybe 60 miles or so. My cousin, and my sister's boyfriend's sister (and her husband) live in Waterloo. She and her husband had just gotten home. Waterloo is really close to Parkersburg. Basically, they drove through the storm to get home.

Worst part of our drive home was that there was a tornado warning for northeast Story county while we were just north of Stanhope, in Hamilton county, on hwy 17. My mom called at that point, to see where we were, and to make sure we knew. Ames starts just inside the center of the west Story county border, so I knew it was north and east of Ames. But the sky was nearly indescribable, and we watched extremely closely for any sign that another was developing. I am waiting for camera batteries to charge, as we caught some pictures.

As luck would have it, we did not even run into any rain at all on the way home, and it did not storm at all on our side of town after we got home. It was utterly still until about 30 minutes after we got home, then the wind started up. It was just an eerie evening...