Sunday, December 31, 2006

Favorite Posts of 2006

Fuzzy Logic - 1/10/06
Did you know that the industrial revolution would have been nearly impossible without that most wonderful of discoveries: coffee.

Uh.. dududududududu..... NOO!!!!!!!!
Two hours. It was TWO hours long. Not one hour..... WHY DID I THINK IT WAS ONE HOUR!??????????????

Manson's Phone Booth
You all know how much I love my hometown, right? It is pretty, clean for the most part, and is where the heart of my family lives.

It's pretty small.

So small, that there really isn't a phone booth in town.

Or so we thought, until last July, when I drove home to visit my parents. I saw this at their corner:

And because it is so long, Nothing much to do, nothing much to say
Okay, so I finally got tagged (twice in two days) so I should probably just fill this out and send it on. I don't have anything better to do, so here goes:

1. What time is it? 10:47 pm, a.k.a. past my bedtime
2. What's your full name? Jennifer Lee Geek
3. What are you most afraid of? Something bad happening to the people I care about. That and tripping in my Barbie Heels.

Highpoints of the first weekend of the Des Moines Ren Faire
• Getting the giggles during closing gate on Monday, thanks to the Horsemen. You know who you are, and yes, your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. ;)

• The scotsman fishing in the puddles...

And I am too tired to read through more posts. Archives are in the sidebar, knock yourselves out! :)

Geek Girl Year in Review 2006 Edition

I was going to write out this long, very eloquent review of 2006, but then I realized that that would take precious time out of my drinking schedule tonight.

Maybe later, after I get a little more mellow, I'll peek back through the archives here, and dig up some of the juicier posts to share with you all.



As a friend of mine just emailed me - "There's your darn snow! :P"

Yup, snowing. Nice, big fluffy snow.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing like cleaning to take your mind off things

I just filled six garbage bags full of crap that I thought I wanted to keep from my closet. Why I thought I needed to keep it, I'll never know. It would be in the dumpster already, except it's nearly midnight, and it's raining.

Truth be told, there are two rubbermaid totes that I should just dump into the garbage without even looking through. Honestly, if I haven't needed the stuff in there by now, I don't need it.

And about this raining business...

For crying out loud, it's December, and it has barely snowed. It snowed once, and it melted right away. I have the window open a bit, because it is hot in here, even with the heat turned down to 68°F. I found my rollerblades in the closet, and was thinking about going out tomorrow if the rain stopped. That's how nice it is. In IOWA. In WINTER.

Okay, my back is killing me, because I really overdid it on the whole closet thing. But, I feel like I really accomplished something tonight.

Now if only I could sleep.

Feeling down tonight.

I'm kind of feeling a little low tonight.

The approach of New Year's Eve always does that to me. Christmas, I enjoy for the most part.

New Year's Eve, though...

I think part of the problem is that I never get to do anything for New Year's Eve.

I may end up deleting this post later, because it sounds whiny and pathetic to me even now...

Rainy and Grey

I've done the menus for the week, did the grocery shopping, and have started the laundry. Part of the laundry is the cotton drill that I bought yesterday, for my new corset. It's a very heavy fabric, almost like canvas, but not as thick and stiff. This should hold up much, much better than the old blue corset (which was nearly in pieces by the end of this faire season, with the plastic bones ripping through the fabric). It also wasn't terribly comfortable around the hips. This new corset will have tabs at the bottom, and straps, and should be loads more comfortable.

I could not sleep again last night. There shouldn't have been any problem with that, as I got up early yesterday, and we spent the morning shopping, and the afternoon with friends. I was still up past midnight, though. I forgot to set the alarm this morning, so I overslept. Not happy about that.

Oh well, I have to go throw stuff in the dryer. I am anxious to get started on this project. Once I finish this, I can take new sets of measurements while wearing the corset, and I can start planning my new gown. Yippee!!! I have some practice fabric that I will be using (um... three brocade tablecloths that I got on clearance at Target for $5 each. 20 yards of fabric, for $15 is not bad). I also found fabric for at least one new set of sleeves and a forepart (another brocade tablecloth, that I actually really, really like).

This should keep me busy for awhile. :)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Wookin' pa nub in ah de wong paces, wookin' pa nub...

We went to Hancock Fabrics in Ankeny today, to order my dressform. I ended up having to get a different one than I really wanted, as the one I really wanted has been DISCONTINUED. :( This one should be okay, but I am going to have to pad it to get the squishibility that I need. I ended up getting a 10% discount, because i bought a specific magazine, too. So, I saved over $13, and did not have to pay any shipping. The only bad news is that it is going to take two weeks to get to the store, as it is a warehouse item.

Before we went to Hancock, though, we hit the Walmart and Target, in Ankeny, in search of the Wii. No luck. When we got back to Ames, we went to Best Buy, Target, Walmart and finally... GameStop.

GameStop. Sigh.

The GameStop didn't have any in stock, but they had received two shipments of the Wii this week.


We were looking in the wrong place! We had considered going to the mall, Wednesday and yesterday, to the GameStop, but were so worn out after our early morning vigils that by the time the mall opened, the last thing we wanted to do was go there.

They will be getting more next week... I just hope I can get one...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Prep work

Back in August, when I was frantically getting my noble garb sewn, I had to make a hat. I was in such a hurry, that I cut using the actual pattern pieces, rather than just tracing off the size that I needed. I kept the cut-off parts, so I could splice them back together. Then, I got even busier, with performing, and other things, that the pieces stayed in their envelope, not quite forgotten, but definitely neglected.

What's worse is that this pattern was from my Margo Anderson patterns. In other words, it was more expensive than your average patterns. Eeek.

Anyway, I have been thinking about making a new dress, sleeves, forepart and smock, and my thoughts turned to that poor, butchered pattern. It needed to be fixed before I could move on... (this was the hat that the owner of our faire liked a lot!) So, tonight, I got out my tracing paper, my tape, and colored pencils, and I spliced, traced, and labeled until they are back together again.


In any case, tomorrow I am going to go order my dressmaker's form. I have done a bit of research, found out the strengths and weaknesses of the three major types, and did a 180 on my original choice (after finding out that the numbers on the knobs tended to not be accurate, that the adjustements sometimes slipped, and that the stands were flimsy. If I am going to spend that type of money, it has to last, and has to be able to hold up 40 pounds or more of gown). I am still trying to decide between the Singer 150, and the Dressmakers Fit models. The Singer model adjusts for the neck to waist measurements, as well as the usual measurements. I can't tell if the Dressmakers Fit form does that, but it looks like it is corsetable (which is necessary). It's also cheaper by about $30. I guess I will find out tomorrow which one I will be buying. The Hancock Fabrics' website did not have the size I needed in the Dressmakers Fit form, so hopefully the store will, or can order it for me.

I really don't want to start this new project without a dressform, mainly due to the difficulties of trying to hem a skirt that has to go over a farthingale. Last time, I had to build something in my living room, and it still didn't end up right.

I hope they have it in stock, as my fingers are itching to sew. I would have done this already, except for our pre-dawn excursions the last couple of days. They just wiped me out...

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Hey, we're doing the thing again in the morning where we get up early and go wait in line for something that will probably not arrive.

Seriously, though. What a bonding moment... When the cop car showed up, and I was thinking how I was going to explain what we were doing sitting in front of a closed store that early without laughing... when the cop jumped out of the car with a shopping bag and something with a tag still attached, then realized that the store was still closed... the crow invasion... Good times, good times...

"Mom, we have to go earlier tomorrow!" Pleading, begging, those big, green, puppy eyes. How could I say no? I'm on vacation for crying out loud. It's not like we have anything else to do, or anyplace to be.

Forget the fact that I have walked around in a daze all day, due to the lack of sleep, and inability to nap. Hey, I also forgot to go to the grocery store, so I guess we're having soup or cereal for supper. I knew I had forgotten something important...

Oh well, we had fun, and we'll have more fun tomorrow.

And just maybe, just maybe we'll get our hands on the prize. :)

Yes, I am crazy.

We got up at 5:45 this morning. We sat in front of a store for over an hour and a half, waiting. We were third in line.

The damn things didn't come in.


So tired...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hospital Update

My niece is doing well, and they will be starting her on liquids tomorrow morning, and will try soft foods tomorrow afternoon. If everything goes well, she may be released tomorrow night.

Cross your fingers!

Christmas Recap

1. Rib cook off= three way tie. Good eats!
2. Christmas Eve mass - gorgeous!
3. Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma P's - great until my niece got sick with the stomach flu.
4. Christmas morning = Santa won as far as my son was concerned.
5. My niece was still sick. :(
6. Christmas dinner at Granny's - very good! And I won my pretty red throw blanket in the gift exchange.
7. My niece was still sick, but is in pretty good spirits as she and her parents leave for her other grandma's house. :(
8. Christmas night - fell asleep on the couch watching Cars. Movie Star called. She's sick. But still wants me to go to some frat party with her in a week... wth?? No!
9. This morning, my niece goes to the ER, and is then admitted to the hospital for dehydration. :( She'll be there a couple of days, but she should be fine. Ug.

Home now, and not feeling the greatest myself.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

And the cook off gains a new twist...

My Grandpa Harold just called...

He's making ribs, too! We now have a three-way cook off, and my Dad and Scott are getting a little nervous...

This ought'ta be good...

Let the cook off commence!

Early this morning, Dad and Scott fired up the grills. In a few short hours, we will be sitting down to judge two different styles of ribs, and shortly after, we'll be moaning about our overstuffed stomachs. It's okay, though, since we are not eating dinner, just snacks at my grandma's house later. And yes, T, there may be cheese sauce there. :)

The only bad note to this day so far, is that I seem to have developed a case of the sneezes. Yuck. At least I slept well! The new futon is extremely comfortable. And it's a good thing I did, because I'll be sleeping on the floor of the living room tonight, waiting for Santa to show up and bring me my Official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Weird sleep patterns

So last night, I couldn't keep my eyes open past 7:30, and I slept in until 8:15 this morning. Tonight, I am still awake, and can't sleep.

My legs ache, and I have a headache, and my arms ache, mostly from sitting on the floor during a rather strenuous game of Monopoly (during which I spent an inordinant amount of time in jail, go figure!).

I can't sleep. I have to be awake in 5 hours. No later, as I have a bunch of things that have to be done tomorrow. Too much buzzing around in my head. Too much sleep last night.

Okay, time to stop babeling and take a tylenol PM. I swear I never used to have problems like this. I could go to bed at 10, get up at 6, and think nothing of it.

I am getting old...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Nothing like a sense of accomplishment to get you moving even more...

I am amazed at the amount of stuff I have accomplished this morning. My kitchen is clean. The living room is clean, the dining room is clean, my room is clean.

My son attempted to clean his room, but whoa, do we have a lot of work to do in there (shoving things to the edges of the room is not cleaning!). I went in to tell him so, and found him curled up under his loft, sleeping. So maybe it can wait a bit.

We are going to go shopping this afternoon, for our stocking stuffers. This is a tradition we started a couple of years ago. Each of us has $10 to spend on ourselves, to fill our stocking. We can also buy things that we both want, to share. We shop at Goodwill, Target, and Walmart (if we have to, ug). Usually we can find brand new books at Goodwill for $.59, and last year I found a ton of jewelry in Target that was in the dollar bins (and ended up being used on my noble dress for the ren faire). It is amazing how far $10 will go if you are really careful. Both of us look forward to our stockings on Christmas Day.

Best of all, it is a time for us to talk, and have fun, without being in a rush. While everyone else is fighting over the last "Tickle me Elmo" doll, we are goofing off, and finding weird things to fill our stockings. Lots of fun!

I just have to remember to actually get them into the car this year. Last year, I let them at home. Whoops!

Vacation - Day 1

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch at around 7:30. I woke up at around 9, then went into my room to get something. I sat down on my bed for a minute, then curled up on top of the quilt, and promptly fell asleep again. When I woke up at 10:30, I went to the living room, discovered a huge paper mess and my son asleep on the couch. I woke him up, and made him go to bed.

I slept until nearly 8:15 this morning. I feel like I had way too much sleep. I need to get busy and get my stuff done around the house, so I can be ready for Christmas. But, Day 1 motivation is pretty low at this moment. I think I'm going to have to get out my iPod shuffle and let music help out today. Lots to do, and I want to have time left to have fun today.

Okay, time to get to work...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Full of good food

I made steak on the indoor grill tonight. We also had baked potatoes, and green beans with cheese.

Please forgive me for the boring posts this week. Not a whole lot has been going on, other than the fact that I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday.

Okay, I am going to go be boring somewhere else.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tired, but almost finished!

One more present... actually, make that two, and then I am done. Normally, I am finished with my shopping by the end of the first week of December. This year, I am a slowpoke.

Now I have to wrap everything. Ug.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holy crap, I'm tired.

Sugar cookies have joined the finished list. Whew. I had the cut-out cookies last on the list, because if I had done them first, I would have thrown in the towel, and nothing else would have come out of my kitchen for the next three weeks. I love to eat them, hate to make them.

It isn't that the dough is hard to put together. It isn't even the rolling and the cutting.

It's the damn frosting and decorating that takes way too long. This is the type of thing that you really need another person working with you, so you have someone to talk to, and a way to make it fun. Otherwise, it just sucks.

I think I may just not make them this year.

So, I am going to wait a few minutes, throw the beer bread together, and get it in the oven before it's time to make dinner.



Holiday Baking Extravaganza!

Yesterday ended up being a day where almost nothing got done. I did the grocery shopping. I wandered around the Antique Mall. I had a headache, went home, and went to sleep for a couple hours. I made dinner, and stayed up way too late watching Battlestar Galactica episodes, while crying my way through half a box of kleenex.

So, today I had to get my a$$ in gear, as it is one week until Christmas Eve. I did laundry until the laundry soap ran out. Then, I got to work on the holiday baking.

1. Spinach dip for lunch tomorrow
2. Beer bread for lunch tomorrow - will have to wait until after cookies
3. Almond bark pretzels (7 dozen, not nearly enough!)
4. peanut butter star cookies
5. sugar cookies
6. cut-out cookies with homemade frosting (if there is time)

My back already hurts, but I have a couple of movies that I am going to watch while I bake. And it will be worth it to have lots of treats to share, and to enjoy during my vacation. :)

What the heck?

I cleaned the ceiling fan in the dining area this morning. Since three of the light bulbs burnt out in the course of a few weeks (um... maybe months, but I just noticed it a couple of weeks ago), I decided to change them. It uses normal sized bulbs.

The problem is, the actual sockets that the bulbs screw into actually rotate.

As in, when you try to unscrew the bulb, the socket twists the same way. Meaning, the bulbs are not actually coming out of the sockets.

This is a problem, for obvious reasons.

I don't remember this being an issue last time a bulb burnt out. Maybe my dad was here and replaced them for me... Anyway, I did manage to get one out by carefully grasping the socket with my fingers, and then had a similar problem trying to get the new one in. I still don't think I got the new one in all of the way, but it turns on, so I am not going to worry about it. The other two seem to be closer to the top of the shade, and I can't get my fingers in well enough to hold the socket while I remove the bulbs.

It is obvious now that one should use small bulbs rather than normal sized ones. However, there were normal sized bulbs in it when I moved in, so I assumed that it needed normal bulbs. I am going to make it a goal to get these bulbs replaced with smaller ones during vacation. No idea how to do it, other than turning off the circuit that the fan uses, so I don't have to be so paranoid about accidentally touching the metal.


Just finished watching the three Battlestar Galactica Episodes that I had missed.

Holy. Fracking. Shit.

Now I have to wait until January 21 for new episodes!!!!!!!!!!

I can now forgive them for the boxing episode... very good stuff...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Morning Fog

We got home late last night, and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at around 2:30, because some of my neighbors were having a party, and decided to see how fast their car could go in Park. Five times.

"Jesus, look at the smoke coming outta dat thing!!!!"

Yeah. Nice.

I started thinking about what to save when the apartment building started on fire due to a car fire in the parking lot.

After dragging myself to bed, I fell asleep pretty quickly, and didn't even move until about 9 this morning. I woke up with a terrible headache (and no, I didn't have even a glass of wine with dinner last night, but I did laugh a lot!). I don't know if I need more sleep, or got too much sleep. All I know is that my head hurts really badly, and I have a lot of stuff to do today, to make up for the last two weeks of craziness at work. All I want to do is take a bubble bath, and rest on the couch.

But, there is work to be done, so I will press on, and at least get the living room clean (I've kept up with the kitchen, but my son tends to destroy the living room on an hourly basis sometimes.).

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Productive once again

After word, I make a quick dinner, then took my son to get his hair cut.

I also had four inches cut off of my own.

All is well now...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Something for you all to be thankful for.

I was going to write a long, drawn out post about my hair, but I decided to be nice, and not subject the public to something so boring.

Don't thank me all at once. :)

At home

Finally, a night where we don't have to go anywhere or do anything. I made dinner, and have it cleaned up already.

Plans for the evening:

1. Movie
2. Book
3. couch
4. tylenol
5. sleep

Very, very exciting... and just what I want for tonight. :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

More thunderstorms...

Seriously. Tonight. Lightning and thunder, right now. Some are severe. Weird.


I am hoping to remedy that tonight, after dealing with the laundry that did not get done on Saturday. I spent most of yesterday in my hometown (and had an absolutely incredible dinner with my parents and son!), after a very sleepless night. So, when I got home around 8:30, the last thing I wanted to do was laundry.

So, it has to be done tonight. Fun. Can't wait.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mission Mostly Accomplished

I am back from my marathon shopping expedition. I had a late start, due to needing to head into work for awhile, then deciding to make pancakes for breakfast when I got home. So, it was 10:00 before I could bundle into the front-wheel drive sleigh and head off to do my Christmas shopping.

I went downtown to see what I could find, and ended up buying one thing. I had a great time in the shops, though. Cooks Emporium was great, as it smelled wonderful (they had given cooking demonstrations earlier). I left without buying anything, however.

Then, on to Target, where I got the inside scoop on when the next shipment of Nintendo Wii's are coming in. However, I am not in the mood to sit in the cold waiting. I did manage to get the game that my son really, really wanted. He knows that he probably won't be able to get the Wii until after Christmas, but he still wanted to get the game before they were out.

So, my son is pretty much finished, as far as gifts. The only thing I couldn't find was a reasonably priced Star Wars Lego set. In fact, all they had were the big sets. And non-Star Wars sets. I may go back and get him another tank from the Forces of Valor sets. I bought a WWII Jeep Willys set, which he'll like, but Target was low on the tank sets this year. I also went to Game Stop and found two games that he's been wanting for ages. He doesn't care if he gets used games.

As far as the rest of my list...

Well, the grab bag is taken care of, as are the lab monitors. The rest will have to wait until next weekend. :)

Time for a nap!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Minor change of plans....

Morning plans derailed by non-working plasma screen at work.

The one that someone tried to steal a few weeks ago.

Won't turn on. Urg.

Review is tomorrow. They need it by 9:00 am.

I hope it is something simple...

Serious Plans for tomorrow

As in, serious SHOPPING plans for tomorrow.

Folks, Christmas is just over two short weeks away. I have exactly ONE present bought for my son. ONE. I have presents for three of the 14 other people on my list bought and under the tree.

I am going to get up early, take care of the house, then put on my shopping shoes and go do some serious damage to the bank account. No clue what to get my co-workers. More fattening holiday goodies, just like every year, I think. They're guys, so they appreciate it. And I think my special sugar cookies for the main office (melt-in-your-mouth, and made with real butter). That helps a bit with the money budget, but is hard on the time budget.

Whoops. I forgot that I have 20 additional people on that list... My student employees! Okay, they're getting food goodies, too. I'll have to get some to them tomorrow night, so I catch everyone as they work during the week. They've been great this semester, and need a treat. Hmm... I'll have to think about it...

Still haven't quite decided on the grab-bag gift for my granny's house. José Cuervo Margarita mix? Or something more sedate...

But the hardest person to buy for is going to be Movie Star. I ended up with her name this year for the first time in years and years. And she doesn't want a Target gift card, since she works there. She wants something fun. No clue. Zip. Zilch. Nada. If you are reading this, Movie Star, please give me a hint? Somehow I don't think giving you a Barbie is going to cut it this year... (yes, it has probably been that long since I had her name).

Mom and Dad... no clue. I carefully looked at all of the pottery and woodcrafts that the students were selling this week, to see if there was something that would go well in the kitchen, but all of the colors were wrong, or the style was not right. I may hit the downtown stores to see if I can find something special for Mom. Dad is always a tough one to buy for.

Grandparents... not a clue. Something small and sweet. Hmm...

So, I am going to be busy tomorrow. Very, very busy.

I only hope the checkbook doesn't burst into flames...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Making Progress

We went Christmas shooping tonight, and got three names crossed off of our list. I looked for something for our gift exchange at my granny's, but didn't really see anything that jumped out and said, "Buy me!"

This gift exchange... well. Legendary in our family. Somehow I usually end up with the socks and extension cords, or the hot sauce. The last couple of years, though, I've ended up with something nice. The goal is to buy a present that you would like to receive. That way, if you end up with your own, as you sometimes do, you won't regret it.

This year, I thought I would buy another throw blanket, as the beautiful red one that I bought for this last year was a highly sought after object. The way the game works is that everyone draws a number. The person who has the number 1 picks a present from the pile and unwraps it. The next person can choose to take the gift from the person, or open another. The third person can take a gift from either of the first two people, or open a different package. And so on. It can be really fun, and drawn out. We try to not make it boring.

As for what I am buying this year...

Well, it has lime in it, is from Mexico, and may end up being the most sought after gift in the history of our tradition of the game.

Top that, suckas!!!!

Note: You may all be thinking that I drink entirely too much. The truth of the matter is, I rarely ever drink, unless I am with my family, and then limit myself to no more than two. Usually, one is enough to make me drowsy, and who wants to miss time with family?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Funny sounding word...

If I do not post for awhile, it is because I am supremely busy with work. I am trying to keep a cheerful attitude, but it is not quite there. Just a few more days, and things will ease up.


Monday, December 04, 2006

It seemed like a good idea at the time!

I had this craving earlier this evening (right about the time I was eating pancakes, because I hadn't had time to do the grocery shopping). I wanted biscuits and gravy, in the worst way.

I had this brainwave. I would make a batch tonight, then I would have plenty left over for breakfasts for the next couple of days.

After our meeting, we went to the store to get food for the week, and I bought sausage and pillsbury homestyle buttermilk biscuits. When we got home, I started the laundry, and then started frying the sausage, and baking the biscuits.

When I finished making the gravy, I decided that I was hungry enough to have some.

What I had forgotten to take into account, is the fact that I have eaten almost no meat in the last week, and that I certainly had not had anything with so much... to put this delicately... fat/grease/etc.

Needless to say, I don't feel very well right now... I should have just stopped at McDonald's tomorrow morning on the way into work...

Long Monday

Everything has been off today. Part of the reason is that, during this time of year, we have the labs open 24 hours a day. This means that I have to call the lab at 2:00 am, to make sure that the graveyard shift person arrived for work. It's always hard to get back to sleep afterwards.

Work was crazy busy, and I ended up staying an hour late, due to the various problems that had to be fixed before I left. I ended up asking one of the lab monitors to start the movies, as I did not leave work until the time I would normally get to back to work to start getting things set up. This meant I could go home and actually get dinner before having to be at my other meeting. I even took the time to wash and blow-dry my hair, as I had all kinds of dust and yuck in it from all of the stuff I had to deal with today. Sheer luxury!

In any case, I am waiting for laundry to dry, so I can fold it and put it away. Then, I am going to set the alarm for 2am, and read for about 5 minutes before I zonk out.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Pool is open

Any bets on how long it takes before I have a nervous breakdown? Because I am close.

I had to forgo shopping with my mom and sister today, because I was exhausted from this weekend, and had too many things to do before going in to work this evening. I have ZERO Christmas shopping down.

Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Busiest time of the semester. I will have almost no time to myself for the next week. I am attempting to hold on to my sanity in the face of everything going wrong lately. My formerly charmed life is fast becoming difficult, and I am just sticking my chin up, taking deep breaths, and focusing on the long term rather than the immediate disasters.

I was never very lucky in big things, you know, like money, love, success. It was the little things, like finding a good parking spot, having things work, and not break on me, being able to walk into a room and having broken computers just suddenly decide to start cooperating, being good with kids... This semester, I have been joking all too often that I am just not having good luck, that I am a jinx now.

So if you know me in real life, and were wondering where that happy, carefree girl went. You know, the one who laughed and talked a lot, she's still here. She's just having a hard and stressful time right now. Give her a couple of weeks, and she'll relax.

All I know, is that I'd be a lot happier right now if I had at least a couple of presents wrapped and under the tree...


Just got back from camping with 9 kids, and five adults.

Very tired.

Now I have way too many more things to do tonight...

Friday, December 01, 2006

What was I thinking?

This is a question I will be asking multiple times this weekend.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh, what the heck...

Yes, I already posted today, and therefore finished the NaBloPoMo thing in style. Yay, Me!!!

Sitting at home, waiting for AAA

Or rather, a tow truck summoned by my magical AAA+ membership. And a jump start.

The damn car wouldn't start today. The battery is not dead, it just stubbornly will not start. Grind away... no start.

I would have just taken the bus, except I need my car later, and I had just missed the bus.

I am not happy about this. I need to be at work today. My boss had to put out the new laser cutter lists, and he said that the line stretched all of the way back to the 2nd lab, which is, oh.... about 60 or so feet. Update! I measured. It was 90 feet long. The first person in line got here at 2:00 am.

I spent almost 10 minutes on hold with AAA, five minutes on other calls, and have waited over 30 minutes for them to get here. This was after 10 minutes of sitting in the car, willing it to start every few minutes.Update again: The magic AAA guy got to the house at 9:10, and had the car started by 9:14. I got to work just fine.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

One more day...

NaBloPoMo ends tomorrow. Barring any unfortunate disasters, I will have made it through the entire month, posting at least once a day. I may stay up until just after midnight, to make my post for tomorrow, just in case I am prevented from posting on the last day.

I hope I win one of the fantabulous prizes!!!!

Somewhat on the ragged edge...

I am coming down with a cold. It is very cold here today, and the last thing I want to do is drag my son out to religious ed. I want to stay at home.

Last night, my son talked me into watching a movie with him. We ended up using the computer in my room to play Christmas Vacation. He camped out on the floor, while I tried valiantly to stay awake. Finally, at 9, I made him get a shower and get to bed. I dozed off, and when I woke up at 10, he was still reading in bed. After I turned off his lights, he put the book down. I crawled under my covers, and didn't move until just about 6am, at which point I rolled over, and went back to sleep.

And now, I am tired again. There is something going around at work. It's called "The End of the Semester." Symptoms include headache, nausea, heartburn, fatigue, distraction, and irritibility when asked the same question by three people in less than three minutes (sorry, folks, I'm trying my best). I'm not the only person who has come down with this malady. The students are in panic mode, a feeling I remember all too well from my many years in undergrad and graduate school. You haven't lived panic until you have a three-year-old child who decides to eat nearly an entire bag of hershey's kisses, while you're in the shower, the day before your oral final in the toughest class in grad school. I was awake all night waiting for more puke, and for my mom to get there to pick him up and take him home - but I got 100% on that final. I ROCKED! And the chocolate was locked up for many years after...

The only cure to this will be the three weeks that we are closed for the semester break, with a big emphasis on the 5 vacation days I am going to use (I think we get the 25th and 26th..., and of course, the 1st).

I just have to make it through the next two and a half weeks...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is 8:00 pm to early to go to bed?

I am very tired, and I have a cough. I am going to be a lazy bum and go to bed very early tonight. I only hope I don't wake up at 4:00 am again...

Nasty Clouds

Looking pretty bad outside right now... Very dark clouds just rolled in...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lightning? Thunder? November? Iowa?

Yep, it's lightning and thundering.

And if I start to think that's weird, last year on November 12th*, we had a tornado outbreak that killed someone and nearly wiped a couple of towns off of the map (I was out of town, and had a hyperventilating moment myself, when it looked like the area of town where I live had been hit, but it turned out to be a mistake on the news). My lab monitors could see it from the lab, though.

So, it's not unheard of...

* Holy crap - there's a Wikipedia entry for it?

Ahhh!!!! Monday!!!!! Ahh!!!!!!!!!

I swear, today was so busy that it flashed by so fast that I barely felt the fact that I only had two hours of sleep.

Rather, two and a half.

I stayed up until midnight last night, hoping that I would be tired enough to go straight to sleep, and rest all night long.


Instead, I tossed and turned until nearly four, got up and went to the bathroom, then actually slept until the alarm went off at 6:30, right in the middle of this crazy dream I was having about work. Nightmare, actually.

When I got to work, it was apparent that the nightmare was real. The only times I sat down today were when I was emailing my boss summaries of the various things-that-went-wrong that I was working to fix, or if I was searching for a part online, or emailing my awesome lab monitors who are the reason I am going to be able to sleep tonight and the rest of the semester.

When I got home from work, I was going to take a quick nap before starting dinner. Instead, I emailed info to parents about our camp out, and then called my mom to see how she was doing. I just finished dinner, and realized that I had better post now, because when I get home later, I am going to fall into bed and not wake up until morning.

That's the plan, anyway.

This is one Monday that I am glad to see end.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I don't want it to be 10 o'clock on Sunday night...

Yep, I'm whining again. I just spent the last hour and a half addressing Christmas cards, and writing our holiday letter (first one ever, because we finally have stuff to talk about, and didn't get to spend much time with our family this year).

I keep thinking that if I left out that letter, I could get these cards in the mail by Wednesday, at the latest. I am writing the letter, though. I enjoy every one I get from family and friends, and I feel dumb just signing a card and sending it on.

I have to watch that the perfectionist monster inside of me doesn't take this too far. She already quit cleaning the closet, because she spent too long sorting old mail.

I thought I had conquered that personality quirk, but apparently it is resurging.

I have to go empty the dishwasher now, or I won't be able to sleep.

And I don't want this weekend to be over yet.

Same Sunday as the last

I feel like I am repeating the same Sunday, over and over again, every week.

I made menus, shopped for groceries, and finally got around to watching the episode of Battlestar Galactica from the 17th. I sorted through boxes in my room. I cleaned the bathroom.

Just about the same things I do every Sunday, lately.

Can't really think of anything I'd like to do differently today, though. I am all out of ideas. Just another boring person.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I took a nap this afternoon, because I didn't sleep well the last two nights at mom and dad's house. I meant to sleep for an hour, and instead, I slept for 2 and a half, and wasted an afternoon.

Now, I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Day after Thanksgiving

I have lots of things to do today. And I did not sleep well last night at all. I couldn't get warm. Right now my head hurts from lack of sleep.

I have to go up to the station to work on mom and dad's office computer. This computer decided awhile ago to forget quite a bit of what it knew about how my mom had the user account set up. This ought to be interesting. A wipe and reinstall isn't practical for several reasons, the main one being that the program they use to manage the shop has a one-time license, on a floppy. If you have to reinstall, you have to have them mail another floppy. Which is dumb. The other reason is that I really don't want to spend six hours today at the shop. Unfortunately, I think it is going to have to be done sooner rather than later. Windows. Yuck.

And that's just the start of it.

Lots of stuff going on today.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I can't believe how much I ate.

A phrase I am sure many, many Americans are saying today, as they look around at the remains of the Thanksgiving Feast.

My mom made us go around the table to say what we were thankful for. My sister, M, said, "Mashed potatoes and gravy." She's nineteen, and utterly serious about it (her favorite food ever!). My son said, "The Nintendo Wii." Which he doesn't have yet, and won't for awhile. I said, "Well, I was going to say my son, but since he thinks the Wii is more important than family..." Just kidding! I grabbed, him, hugged him, and said I was thankful for all of my family, but most of all for my son. My parents also said they were thankful for family.

And really, they are the thing in this world that I am most thankful for. No, everything is not perfect, but they have always been there for me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Something you don't want to hear on Thanksgiving Day...

Found out this morning that my niece's birthday party is at my parents' house, tomorrow night. I have no gift yet, as her birthday isn't until December. I panicked, thinking I would have to fight the crowds tomorrow, day after Thanksgiving crowds.

Luckily, Wal-mart in Fort Dodge is actually open today. As much as I hate Wal-mart, they are saving my ass from being the bad aunt who forgets to buy birthday presents. Of course, I only found out this morning that the party was tomorrow, but still...

Pumpkin pie is in the oven now, and when it is done, I am hauling ass to Fort Dodge (about a 30 minute drive, just about as long as it takes me to get from my house to our Wal-mart in Ames...).

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Today was a long day. I am watching a movie with my dad and my son, and all is fairly right in the world. My son is introducing my dad to Battlestar Galactica, via the miniseries, and my dad has not yet fallen asleep. Which means he must like it. :)

In any case, we have a long day tomorrow. The guys are going to put up the outside Christmas lights, while mom and I prepare Thanksgiving dinner, and decorate the house for Christmas (the Tour of Homes). Should be a lot of fun!

Due to sickness, just a few of us will be getting together this year. My sister and her family have the stomach flu, and my other sister and her family are at her husband's mom's house. Small, quiet, Thanksgiving dinner.

And believe it or not, I wish it were otherwise.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Have you ever had the feeling that you've forgotten something?

Of course you have. We've all done it.

Now, imagine that you just got off of work, and waited 20 minutes for your son after school, and you have another errand to run, then are planning on calling your sister, and making a huge dinner.

Now, imagine that you've suddenly been reminded by your son that he has a band concert tonight.

Big. Screeching. Halt.

So, in less than 30 minutes, we have to leave. Thank goodness I found chicken nuggents and french fries in the freezer. They'll be ready shortly.

And thanks to FlyLady, I have clean dress clothes for both of us in our closets. No running around hunting for something to wear. It's clean, and in two minutes, my son's dress shirt will be ironed, and ready to wear. I also had time to write this post. :)

I just wish I had looked at the calendar this morning... Oh well, that's my project for December...

Monday, November 20, 2006

I think I would be in a better mood tonight...

if only I could get a nap in before my meeting.

I am exhausted. Sleepy. Been like that all weekend, and all today. I was going to make a nice dinner tonight, but instead, my son is having mac-n-cheese, and I am going to take a nap.

And after my meeting, I am going to go buy new pillows for my bed, because I think that may be part of my problem.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Tree is Up!

Now I can focus on having fun, instead of worrying all week about how long it would take to put the tree up.

Looks good, too!


I have a lot to do today. My list takes up two pages. The list is a Master List, however, as it lists everything I want to do to the apartment, not just what I want to do this weekend. I got one thing, nearly two, crossed off of my list yesterday before I went to my sister's house.

I've already started the laundry. I want to invent something that will do laundry for me as it gets dirty. As in, you get undressed at night, throw your clothes into a machine that sorts it via RFID tags, washes it appropriately, dries it if it can be dried, and pops it out neatly folded or on a hanger as needed. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you'd be able to put away the clothes, and throw your p.j.s in the machine, and have a continuous supply of clean clothes. You'd never have to worry about if your favorite jeans are clean.

Yes, I am that lazy.

And it would have to be cheap, so that people without a lot of money could afford it, too. That's the problem with good, time-saving devices. The people who don't have a lot of money, and who probably need it the most, never get access to the machines that would save them time and money.

Okay, enough of the time-wasting writing about laundry. I've got a few minutes left on my washing machines. I'm going to go dust the house.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fun afternoon!

I ended up going to my sister's house this afternoon. I helped her bring her Christmas decorations up from the basement, while my son played with my nephew. When her husband got home, we went to Hobby Lobby, so she could get a new Christmas tree (a pre-lit one).

When we got it back to her house, we set up the tree, plugged it in, and started trimming the tree. When we had finished, it was gorgeous, and we had spent much less time than if we had needed to put lights on it ourselves.

I want a pre-lit tree now, :).

I decided that I am going to try to get ours set up tomorrow, even though I normally wait until after Thanksgiving. I have never set up the tree this early, but I think that I am in need of a little more Christmas cheer this year. I have quite a bit of work I want to get done on the apartment before I start decorating for the holidays, so I may not get to the tree tomorrow. I am going to try, though.

I really like the tree I bought last year, though, and am not going to replace it anytime soon. Although some of those decorations have to go...

Our Lovely Tree

Off to a slow start...

Last night, after we got home from the LAN party, I had a terrible time trying to get to sleep. I was wide awake all of a sudden, which makes no sense, since I was nodding off at the party while I was talking to people (sorry, about that!).

When I cawled into bed, I couldn't get warm, despite my sheet, quilt, and the throw I put on top of the quilt. I had the heat on, but I just couldn't get warm enough to sleep for a long time. I think it was about 2:30 when I finally felt comfortable.

This morning, the phone rang at 9:30. It was a my mom, asking if I had just gotten up (yep), and if I could call our Target store to see if they had any boxes of a particular type of icicle light that she needed to decorate the house. The store in Fort Dodge did not get any. Turns out, when I called our store, they didn't have any either. They told me which stores in the area did have some, but they didn't have enough in stock to gaurantee that I would be able to get enough boxes by the time I got there.

After I finished all of that, I contemplated getting ready for the day. I don't have anything to do this weekend. I will probably clean out the closet (an ongoing project), and do laundry. But all I want to do right now is sit around in my p.j.s, enjoying the luxury of a day with no resposibilities outside of the home.

It's cold outside, and the thought of curling up on the couch with a good book is almost irresistable...

I'm sure I'll be bored by noon...

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'll bet you all thought I wouldn't make it...

It was close. We just got home, got the computers inside, and things squared away. The LAN party tonight was really fun! The kids enjoyed themselves, ate lots of pizza and snacks. No one wanted to leave, but at 11:10, I made them start to clean up the scout room.

I would have posted earlier, and in fact started to post, but the wireless network from Cafe Diem was flaky, even on the sidewalk just steps away from the door. i could have gone in and used it long enough to post, but that would've been too desperate.

In any case, here is a post. Enjoy! I'll talk to you more tomorrow...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today was good.

I'd say it was head and shoulders above just about every day I have had for the last couple of weeks. :)

Priceless Campus Moment...

As I was leaving work, the marching band was practicing on the field
outside of my building. It always gives me a lift, and I try to see if
I can recognize the song in the few short minutes it takes to walk to
my car.

Today, I was having a problem figuring it out right away. It had a catchy melody, and sounded like it was from a musical. Then it hit me. What would Brian Boytano do?

They were playing a medley of songs from "The South Park Movie"!

I am going to be so sad when it is no longer marching band season...

Up too late...

Can't sleep.

I went shopping this evening, while my son was in religious ed. I bought myself a new scarf, hat and gloves, since I was still wearing my navy blue scarf with my black pea coat, and my mittens had gone AWOL. Very cute! Nice and warm, too. :)

I bought my Christmas cards, stationary, and two strands of beaded garland for the tree. The garland is very nice, dark red "cranberry" beads, with wooden buttons in sage and ivory. I am going to sand it down a bit, as it looks too perfect right now. I want to make it fit in more with my current bead garland.

I am going to try to write a Christmas letter this year. I love to get holiday letters from old friends, and I always feel like a grinch for sending a card with just signatures. We'll see how this goes.

Okay, I have to at least try to get some sleep tonight. It's getting cold in here, too.

'Night all!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I can tell how my day is going to go

by the number of red lights I hit on the way to work.

This morning I hit every one.

My back started to hurt around 2:30, and it hasn't stopped. I ate my lunch huddled in the back storage room, reading Trainwrecks, because it helps put my life into perspective.

Things could actually be worse. I could be married to an alcoholic who beats me while telling me that he loves me. I could have five kids instead of one, and be the type of SAHM (stay at home mom) who makes my own feminine supplies, and breastfeeds her kids until they are seven (eeeewwwww). I could be the mommyblogger who flips out when someone tells her something that finally makes her face the facts that exploiting your kids for donations is wrong.

Instead, I am me.

My trainwrecks have more to do with uncooperative equipment at work. Things that have worked fine all semester, that suddenly decide to die in rather dramatic ways.

I could go on about all of that, but to tell you the truth, it is boring and frustrating. I ate my lunch sitting in the back room today. Not fun. I just hope it doesn't become a pattern. It's cold and uncomfortable back there, after all.

A couple of years ago, the only way I got through that "end of the sememster" was to watch A Christmas Story every single night. I may have to start doing that again...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You win some, you lose some...

So yesterday, I had a multitude of problems to deal with. I was pretty busy until around nearly 4:00, but I managed to fix everything, even if I did go to lunch an hour and a half late. In the old days, I would have just skipped lunch, and ended up in a foul mood, feeling sorry for myself.

FlyLady calls this "Stinkin' Thinkin'."

Today, I was busy from the moment I stepped in the door, until around 3:30, when I finally got the wide scanner to stitch and calibrate. Again, most problems were solved, with only one that remains a puzzle (but I think that one is hardware related).

Again, I made sure that I left the building for lunch, because it is a way to keep myself on track. I used to think that I needed to be the workaholic who never eats, sleeps, or has a life. Now I know how destructive those ideas were, and how they made me a grouch who wasn't eating right, sleeping right, or having any fun whatsoever.

I am trying really hard not to slip back into that...

I have been feeling sorry for myself lately, again. The busiest time of the year is right around the corner, and has been, for the last few years, a nightmare for me. I started dreading it the moment the Christmas decorations arrived in stores. This morning, my boss and I met to come up with a plan for the last three weeks of the semester. We offer 24-hour labs during part of that, and we decided to cut back the number of days of this to HALF of what we had been doing.


Yes, I'll still work extra hours, but for only five days instead of ten. That is a more comfortable level. Less stress. Whew. More of a chance to actually enjoy the holidays.

So, the "feeling-sorry-for-poor-little-me" is over. I am going to pull myself out of my funk, break my iron-clad rule of no-Christmas-decorating-before-Thanksgiving, and start getting ready for the holidays.

Because for once, I might actually enjoy them.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Another busy Monday

I am brain fried right now. I have stuff to do tonight that is not going to be done well. I am sneezy and achy, and would like nothing more than to go to sleep and wake up in twelve hours. Not an option, so I am muddling through.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday evening...

My son is doing his homework at the kitchen table. He is being very careful to make certain that he does ALL of it, and that it gets in the right folder, so he has it when he needs it tomorrow.

I am in my room, reading weird crap on the internets, and running to the bathroom every five minutes or so. In another 20 minutes or so, I will probably be down about 20 pounds. TMI, yes, I know. But such is life... I am not feeling all that particularly bad, so I am assuming this is from something I ate.

Gross thing that happened today at the grocery store: I picked up a jar of green olives, and while I was testing the top seal, I noticed it had MOLD inside of it!!!!! Yeeuuuucccckkkkk! I put it on the shelf at eye level, and carefully picked out another, non-moldy jar.

I hate going grocery shopping on a Sunday late afternoon. Lots of college kids, and people who have forgotten some crucial piece of the dinner puzzle. The only reason I was there that late was because I was on my way back from trying to rescue the lens to laser cutter 2 (looks like it is really messed up this time - black melted area in the center), and it took longer than I had expected.

At least it is cold enough out that the guys wearing violently sexist t-shirts now have them covered up. I have often wished for a camera phone, and their mothers' phone numbers... Not even funny guys...

In any case, Sunday was a boring follow-up to yesterday. But then, there is no easy way to top yesterday's news! Seven months until my next niece or nephew is born!!!

Boring Sunday

... waiting to see if the 10 yards of black satin or taffeta or whatever synthetic it is survives it's trip through the wash and dryer (low heat).

This material was stiff enough that when I slid the cardboard bolt out of it, it held it's shape and was stiff enough that it didn't drape over my arm. Yikes. I had a heck of a time shoving it into the washing machine. It wasn't that there was too much material, just that it is really stiff. I was hoping that washing it would help, but it was still pretty stiff when I pulled it out of the wash.

I am hoping that it will get softer after a trip through the dryer. As it is right now, it's pretty unuseable. This was an impluse buy that I should have left at the store.

In about seven minutes I'll know if it is useable...

Update: It's useable, but I don't like it. It's cheap looking, and just not good. Luckily it came from the $1/yard table at Wal-mart, so I am not out much. Maybe I'll find a use for it, or give it to someone who needs it.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh. My. God!!!!!!!!

When my two-year-old nephew sat down to open his gifts, we knew that it was going to be interesting. He opened one gift, then ran to the kitchen, and was herded back to his mother. We couldn't keep him on task.

He opened the second gift, and discovered a Cars coloring book, and immediately wanted to color. There was a t-shirt in with the coloring book, and my sister kept trying to get him to hold it up. Finally, he sat on her lap and held up the shirt. My mom read it aloud to us:

"I'm the big brother!"

and started screaming! A second later, as it sunk in, we all were! I'm going to be an aunt again!!!! K thinks it's a girl this time, because she is sicker, and craving different foods. I just hope that mom and baby are healthy throughout.

And we may have to reschedule that canoeing trip in June... :)

Blue Skies Cold

Ice on the ground where the snow melted yesterday...

Busy day today. I am waiting for clothes to dry, and cleaning house. My nephew's birthday party is this afternoon! Yay! When I called last night, I could hear him saying something in the background. Kim said he had been saying "Nemo cake!!!" constantly since they picked it up from the store. :)

Even though it is cold out, it looks beautiful. Snow on the rooftops and grassy areas. Very pretty! We broke down and turned on the heat last night, because even though it read 75°F on the thermostat, it was not even close to that in the bedrooms. My nephew apparently did not care for the snow too much yesterday. My sister put a bit in his hand, and he did not know what to think.

The twelve-year-old played out in the snow for about an hour last night. Big snowman, then hacked it apart with a plastic sword. Yeah. You can't tell he's a boy or anything...

Anyway, I can't wait to see my family! Nemo cake!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ya know what?

There are a lot of people out here on the Internets who are just plain Cray. Ze.

That's okay, because it is very entertaining to see the Cray-ze in action.

Pre-Internets, Tubes-thingy, you had to hide your Cray-ze if you wanted to be an acceptable part of society. Now-a-days, you can let it all hang out, and end up a YouTube Celeb with just one Cray-ze dance video, or doing something stoopid. Or whatever.

I happen to love that type of Cray-ze. It makes me feel almost normal.

I didn't know anything about some of the Cray-ze until I've been reading recently. Do you know that there are places on the Internets where people actually ask if it is okay if you did cocaine during the first month of your pregnancy? And people respond with "Oh, it shouldn't matter, 'cause the baby's all protected and shit." Or "I did crack and meth, and had three miscarriages when I was 12, 12, and 13, and then two babies born at low birth weight, and I did crack and meth all throo and they turned out fine." WTF????

People like this exist in our world folks. And they reproduce.


I am off in search of more Cray-ze. Too addictive...

This post brought to you by Smirnoff Ice Raspberry, because it's so much more civilized than Rolling Rock...


Did not have to help with popcorn after all!!!

Busy Day, and it SNOWED!

My back is aching, as are my legs and arms. I worked really hard today at work, and was looking forward to putting my feet up, and dozing off on the couch while waiting for BattleStar Galactica to start.

And then I remembered that we promised to help unload and sort popcorn tonight. I am not sure what time we need to be there. One kid sold over $400 worth of popcorn, and two more sold about $140 (mine included). Big orders. And my back already hurts. :(

Oh well...

The big news is: We got our first snow of the season! Huge fluffy flakes. Okay, it can stop being winter now...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Me? Run out of things to say?

You're kidding, right?

But seriously, folks...

I could make this into a post about the new mint chocolate M&Ms that I am eating while typing this really easily. I could go on and on about their minty goodness, the pretty red, green, and white candy shells... sigh... yummy...

However, the fact that I am actually getting traffic from this NaBloPoMo thing means that I feel I must raise the level of quality in my posts.

So, let's examine a perfectly normal Geek Girl post:

Tonight after work I:
1. Emptied the dishwasher
2. Made Garlic Lime Chicken, with wild rice and green beans for dinner.
3. Made a horrible mess
4. Ate dinner. Yum!
5. Cleaned up dinner mess.
6. Ate mint chocolate M&Ms while checking email and writing a blog post about mint chocolate M&Ms.
7. Got sick from eating too many mint chocolate M&Ms.
8. We're going to the library.

This, folks, is my life. And I should probably add laundry to that list, since I always need to do laundry...

Back to the minty goodness...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Smell of burning leaves...

It reminds me of autumn, back when I still lived at home with my parents.

I can smell it through my open windows now. Today was gorgeous, so all of the windows are wide open.

Unfortunately, I have asthma now, and a cold. This means the windows are going to get closed, because I just can't take it anymore.

McDonalds was not such a great idea after all...

On a whim, I decided that a double cheeseburger and fries would be mighty tasty for lunch today.

One of the two has decided to rebel in my stomach.

Not a good afternoon in store for me...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have one grooouuunnded kid...

Common theme in the comments sections during conferences this evening:

"Good student, intelligent, gets along well with others, problem with late work, and work not getting turned in."


Every single day, I ask the moment he gets home: "Do you have any homework?" Yes. "Get started on it right away." I always ask if homework is done. I almost always get a "yes!" and if not, he sits down and does it.

So where is this homework black hole?

Partial culprit: His locker.

We are going to work on this. We cleaned it out immediately following the conference. We bought folders that will fit in his binder. We are buying other items when I have time to get to the dreaded Wal-Mart, because Target didn't have what we needed.

Limited TV will be the ongoing mantra...

Election Day so far...

I voted over my lunch hour. I arrived at my polling place, and was greeted by a very nice lady who handed me my voter check-in form. I had to write in my name, address, date of birth, and sign it. I was directed to the appropriate line, where I was checked in by another sweet older lady, and then asked if I wanted the paper or electronic ballot.

Obviously, I chose paper. They only had one electronic voting machine, and four booth for paper ballots. I ended up having a wait about five or so minutes for an empty booth, even though I was the only one waiting. Finally, the very enthusiastic guy who shouts the name of the next person shouted mine (he had politely asked how it was pronounced).

I filled out my ballot very carefully. I finished, and popped over to the scantron machine, and fed my ballot into the machine. The count went up by one, so it was accepted. Yippee!!!

I always feel so productive when I vote!

Tonight, after parent-teacher conferences, I am going to curl up on the couch with popcorn, and something alcoholic, and watch our election coverage. I may watch FoxNews for a change, just to watch the anchors sweat.

Is it rigged? I dunno. I just want this country to get whipped back into shape by a responsible congress. There's a dang good chance the Dems are getting the majority in the House, and that's according to republicans, too (although the republicans are downplaying this by saying that it will be a weak victory - the dems will win by only 15-25 seats, according to them. Only.). It would be nice if we won the Senate also, but that's too close to call.

I think the years of keeping my Democratic party affiliations a secret from my family are starting to get to me. I want to just shout out "OMFG, Take back the Goverment!!!!"

BTW, HBO's Hacking the Vote ended up on YouTube. The footage from Ohio is heartbreaking. All of those determined citizens, of both parties, standing in the November rain for up to seven hours to exercise their right to vote. Mothers with their children, the elderly. One voting machine for 3000 registered voters... How many minutes in an hour, how many hours were they opened... 900 minutes. If they were opened for 15 hours, that's 900 minutes total opened. Simple math...

Eek! Gotta go! I'll add that link to the documentary when I get back.

If you are an American citizen - Vote!

TG for Ricola...

Found the last three Ricola Honey and Herb throat drops in my purse. Sore throat again.

I did not let it keep me from voting, though! (even though they forgot to give me my "I Voted!" sticker... :( ). I was voter #318 at a little after noon.

Ahh..... honey and herb....

Monday, November 06, 2006

8:52 pm

(Dumb political telemarketers just called again... going on about that one time, when someone's husband's hired hand treated their animals badly, and even though the hired guy was fired immediately, we are going to bring it up again and again, even though it happened 20 years ago, because we can't find any other dirt on her... /end rant)

We had an interesting evening. A youth group that I volunteer with took a tour of the county jail facilities. It was very interesting. The kids learned how the cops process the jail inmates, and we saw a taser, and this riot shield that had built-in shock capabilities.

We did not, however, get to get our fingerprints and mugshots taken. Unfortunately, that area was in use as we arrived, and the guy had looked pretty embarrassed as we filed past. Maybe it will deter him from a repeat offense.

The most disturbing thing that we heard though, was how many of the homeless and poor commit small crimes in order to find a place to stay for the winter, or to get their medical needs taken care of.

And then the tour got cut short when the guy in charge got an urgent phone call. Probably for the best, as I am sure we did not want to be around when whatever that call was about showed up...

Big toss up as to which hurts worse:

Getting blood drawn, and the attending aftermath of achy arm, or taking off the industrial strength band-aid aftewards.

Two nice, even areas with very little skin left surrounding my ouchy needle mark.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Political Phone Spam

Can I sue the Republicans for telemarketing calls? I mean, the whole point on being on the National Do Not Call list is to avoid having my weekend afternoon naps interrupted. The only exceptions are supposed to be those companies with whom you have a prior affiliation. I have never registered as a Republican. I will not register as a Republican. So why do I have all of these Republican candidates, and Laura Bush calling me?

If there were real people on the other end, this could have been entertaining. Unfortunately, they were prerecorded. Too bad, as I wanted to ask a few questions.

I also wanted to tell them that calling registered Democrats was a waste of time. Call the independents. Same for Democrats calling Republicans, in most years except this and the next election year. Awful lot of Republicans saying they are undecided in the polls...

Long and short of it is this: my mind is made up. Was made up long ago. This isn't to say that I won't listen politely when the message is polite and logical. I just prefer to draw my own conclusions.

You should do the same.

It's Nov. 5, and we all know what that means...

Christmas is just a few short weeks away!!!

And if you somehow managed to forget that, just walk into any store, and you will be pushed, kicking and screaming, into the holiday season.

Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks, and I got all excited, thinking about party planning (not to mention the food). I found the cutest paper plates on sale - except I am not having a Thanksgiving party, so I didn't buy them. I will go to Thanksgiving parties, but because I don't have a big enough place, I won't be hosting any. That I am aware of right now. So this means that the handy-dandy FlyLady Holiday Control Journal sections on planning for your big holiday party can be crossed off. Cause I'm not having one.

So, I am focusing on holiday planning in the sense that I am checking my gift-wrapping supplies, and thinking about what weekends I have free, and when I can start my holiday baking. I had to stop myself from buying Christmas tree decorations yesterday, even though I found a bunch that I loved. I will wait until they go on sale, because honestly, there are more than six weeks until Christmas. They will go on sale. Anticipation will make it more fun.

I honestly wish they would wait until after Thanksgiving to put out all of the Christmas decorations. It would make it more fun. By the time Christmas rolls around, I just get sick of seeing it everywhere. January 1st rolls around, and the only thought in my head, is "Happy New Year! Let's take the Christmas Tree down!"

To Do List

1. Sort Laundry
2. Clean out kitchen drawers
3. Make breakfast (and eat)
4. Clean toilet
5. Clean tub
6. Start Laundry
7. Dust
8. Vacuum
9. Clean ceiling fan
10. Sweep and mop kitchen and bathroom floors

I think ten "To-Do's" on Sunday are more than enough.

update: I cleaned the stove instead of the last five things on my list. Plus I had to go into work to fix something that ended up being not fixable. Now I am relaxing with a Smirnoff Raspberry.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Battlestar Galactica was excellent again last night. Lots of emotional conflict... We find out that the remaining five cylon models are a subject not spoken among the seven models we've seen to date. We also meet the Hybrids, which are for all intents and purposes, the Baystars.

It will be very interesting to see what happens next...

I feel pretty stupid this morning

I thought about removing that last post about a million times last night. But I kept it, because I think what I have been feeling is fairly common for women my age, at one point or another.

"This too shall pass."

I am going to go make a big breakfast, and get to work (I tossed and cleaned for 30 minutes last night before bed, and it made me feel tons better!).

Friday, November 03, 2006

Not good enough

I have been struggling with this feeling lately.

For years and years and years, I have been okay with my life. I never once felt like I was less than anyone else. Sure, I may have had the odd moment when I wanted something I knew I could not afford, but for the most part, I have been happy with what I have.

Lately though, it seems like I just can't be content with what I have. I see other women, and wonder why I can't be prettier, thinner, more confident. That little green monster called Envy is starting to make me not content with what I have, is making me feel bad about myself for not having a new car, not owning a house, not having the 2.5 kids, or the million women friends in town to have coffee with. I don't watch much TV anymore, because I can't stand to see everything I don't have.

I have been trying to remind myself of what I DO have: I have everything I need, even if I don't have everything I want. We have a roof over our heads, a car that still has a few good miles in it, lots of family, clothes to wear, enough to eat, and enough for a few extras. I have casual friends, several good friends to email, and a hobby that makes me feel good about myself while spending time with great people. I get to help students in a positive manner, even if it sometimes feels like I am talking to myself. I have a son whom I love so much it scares me.

I am lucky beyond all reason to have what I have.

But that doesn't change what I see in some people's faces. These people do not know me. They see the older car, they hear we live in an apartment and not our own home, they see an empty ring finger on my left hand, and that friendly conversation with another school parent is pretty much over until the next open house or parents night forces us all together.

This never used to bother me.

But right now, on a Friday night, with another empty weekend ahead of me, I want to fold up. Instead, I am going to watch Battlestar Galactica in 7 minutes, and finalize my weekend plans, all of which include laundry, cleaning, and throwing away everything I hate. I am going to have fun with this!

I am going to have my iPod Shuffle (the original, purchased two years ago for my birthday) glued to my ears, and will listen to music non-stop while tearing apart the apartment. I will force myself into a better mood. When the cleaning is done, I am going to make myself a new court gown. It is going to have tons of hand detailing, with the goal to keep myself so busy that I don't have time to feel sorry for myself, and will have something gorgeous to wear next year to the faire.

This is a temporary state, and I am not going to let envy destroy me.

Two things that aren't fair:

1. Getting a migraine on a Friday.


2. Getting heartburn right as you are making a big yummy pot of chili. Making, not having already eaten.

So not fair...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm on my way home from work, listening to the radio, when Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive comes on the radio. At first, I'm singing along, rockin' out, and then about 20 seconds in I realize that this isn't Bon Jovi...


It's some pretentious fucking remake that made me physically ill. It's almost, but not quite, Bon Jovi. It's Cheap Knock-off Bon Jovi. It's a bastardization of everything that hair bands stand for. Sellin' out to the Man! It's like some crappy cover band in high school that the girls screamed over (not you, Travis and Chad (and Andy?), because you guys actually did rock, and were worth screaming over, and you were CUTE! and could actually SING!).

So now that I feel incredibly old, because someone thought they could improve on Bon Jovi, I am going to watch the rest of VH1's 100 Best 80's songs tonight.

But, for the Love of God, if someone tries to remake "Doctor Feelgood" I'll just go buy my spot in the fucking retirement home right now...

Just when I had congratulated myself on avoiding dwelling on a certain anniversary...

This is in my inbox this morning:

Ceremony honors '91 victims

T. Anne Cleary, 1935-91. Dwight Nicholson, 1947-91. Christoph Goertz, 1944-91. Robert Smith, 1946-91. Chin Lin-hua, 1964-91.

On Nov. 1, 1991, the UI campus was rocked with a tragedy so inexplicable and horrendous that, 15 years later, many close to these victims still find it difficult to talk about the acts and their devastating consequences.

But friends and colleagues of those killed in a string of shootings in Van Allen Hall and Jessup Hall 15 years ago nonetheless spoke before a crowd of more than 50 Wednesday afternoon on the T. Anne Cleary Walkway.

They honored the lives and achievements of the three slain UI faculty members (Goertz, Nicholson, and Smith), a slain UI researcher (Chin), a slain UI administrator (Cleary), and one wounded student, Miya Rodolfo-Sioson, now paralyzed from the neck down, who were shot by Gang Lu, a disgruntled former graduate student, on that infamous November day.

On that Friday, I was sitting in the Physics Library, working behind the desk, and reading a textbook. I heard sharp metallic sounds, like someone hitting something metal with a hammer. I sat for a moment, and then went into the hall to see what was going on. A professor, Dr. Onel, was standing out in the hall, coffee cup forgotten, and spilling coffee on the ground. He told me there had been a shooting, and to get back in the library and lock the doors.

That was the moment my life changed.

I could go on about all of the little details of that late afternoon and evening. How we waited in the library, how we could see through the old entrance, the police, the room, how we huddled out in the sleet and snow later, waiting to hear who it was. How I had to leave all of my books on the desk, and grabbed only my purse, my coat and keys. How I cried when certain friends finally appeared out of the building. How I had to give a statement, how alone I felt.

But what I really want to do, is what I did yesterday: Think about it for a moment, then put it back in its box. Something terrible happened. But all of life is a series of good and terrible. I prefer to dwell on the good.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NaBloPoMo Post #1

Hey folks! It's November 1st, and this is the very first post I am making during NaBloPoMo! I am sure that I will be posting more than once today, but this is just to let people know that even though I am not yet listed on the NaBloPoMo web site, I am indeed participating.

So, get ready for even more inane posts, as I struggle to come up with something more meaningful than how I couldn't find my toenail clippers a minute ago, or how the laundry didn't get done because I was lazy on Sunday afternoon, or how my son ate peanut butter toast for dinner tonight, because that is what he wanted ("It reminds me of my childhood..." he said. ???)

I am going to eat my leftovers, then go see my nephew!!!

Go NaBloPoMo!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Due to the nasty combination of a severe upset stomach, and it being very cold outside, my son's trick-or-treat jaunt was cut short. We went to the homes of a couple of friends, and then I took him out to Culver's for dinner. After a couple of french fries, I felt better. We went home, stopping at the store for popcorn and other snacks, and popped in some old horror films.

Much better, to my way of thinking, than traipsing across town collecting candy that we'll be eating until Christmas.

Don't forget! NaBloPoMo starts tomorrow!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Another "Oh Crap" moment

The skirt I was going to wear tomorrow, as part of my pirate costume, is too short. I recall having about 3 yards of black fabric, somewhere. I dug around looking for it, and found the remnants of it, with cutouts in the shape of the paned sleeves I made for my court gown. Damn.

The makings of a good day...

Today has possibilities. It is decently nice out, I got to work a bit early, and the lens to laser cutter 2 was NOT broken, merely hard to clean. Yippee!!!

Now, if only my jaw would unclench. After an entire weekend of stress due to a possibly broken lens, it just will not relax.

Tomorrow - Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekend Pics

I took a lot of pictures this weekend, mainly because no one has been taking pictures of our campouts for awhile, and we are in need of new photos for our bulletin boards in the meeting hall. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is the cabin where we stayed this weekend. Lots of gorgeous trees...

Here is my son, taking his turn carrying the backpack:

Something interesting, under a tree:

A closer look:

Near the beginning of the trail:


I checked out a camera to take with me to the campout this weekend. I am now importing the pics. Too bad that the person who had it previously did not delete the images off of the CF card...


Tired, but we had fun. We actually hiked about six miles yesterday. Our ghostly friend did NOT make an appearance. And we discovered that none of our cell phones actually fell back last night, so we were up an hour earlier than we needed to be. Oh well. We are home early. The twelve-year old is in the tub, and I am going crazy because my hair smells like the cabin. Yuck.

I am waiting for a bath, then lunch, then a nap.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Today was the total opposite of yesterday.

Today I:

1. Went to work,
2. Helped my son with the menus and grocery list for the campout,
3. Took my son to the scout room to double-check gear, and make sure that the correct equipment was pulled,
4. Did the grocery shopping for the campout,
5. Picked up the key to the place we are going for the campout and dropped off the check,
6. Carried the groceries into the house and put them away,
7. Started a load of laundry,
8. Reminded my son three times to do homework.

And the evening is not over yet. I am going to pack my suitcase, and get our sleeping bags and stuff out of the closet. Tomorrow, I have to go buy two of those disposable pans for the lasagna, and some ice after work. Busy, busy, busy...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well, apparently the thing that makes me feel sick after I eat is back. I've worked through this in the past, and the only thing I can do is limit the amount and types of foods that I eat. I am a bit hungry right now, but the thought of eating is making me feel icky. The texture of the food, the taste of it, the weight of it in my stomach. Ug!

So, I am going to carefully watch what I eat, paying close attention to the amounts. I will stop eating when I first start to not be hungry, and I will just eat smaller amounts during the day. Very little sugar, and dairy. Small amounts, or no meat. Gad, even potatoes sound icky right now... and that's about the most inoffensive food...

Hopefully, this will pass quickly.

What they can and cannot do when they are sick...

It's amazing, really. My son is at home, sick, for the second day now. Monday afternoon and evening, he literally just sprawled on the couch, not wanting to move for anything. Yesterday morning, he slept in until about 9, and sprawled on the couch until after lunch. After lunch, he played computer games, and gradually worked his way up to playing with Lego™, and making a mess of his room. He went to bed early. When I woke him up early this morning, from the first words he spoke, I knew he would be staying home again today (you can hear how much his throat hurts when he talks).

But, I digress. When my son was very young and I was figuring out how to be a parent, I was always told to not put any artificial restrictions on children when they are sick. Don't force them to stay in bed when they want to play. It's better for them to have as much activity as they wish. When they want to stay in bed, let them, as long as they get up and move around every once in awhile. They will let you know what they need, and what they feel up to.

Now, we have been lucky. My son does not get sick often. He is not the type of kid who will fake sick to get out of school, because he knows that #1, I'll catch him, and #2 school is important. But he also tends to try to take advantage of the situation.

For example, yesterday afternoon he felt well enough to play with Lego™, and play Warcraft, but not well enough to go to the kitchen and get a banana when he was hungry. He did end up getting it himself, when I pointed out the silliness of this, especially when he had just gotten a glass of ice water for himself, without even thinking about it.

But at the same time, I didn't want to leave him alone, in case he suddenly got sicker. I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon, to get more soup and Dt. Pepsi, and I thought that I might as well take the cans back while I was at it. Bad idea. Took forever, for reasons that would fill another blog post, and by the time I finally finished, I felt like I had been away for hours. I quickly found what we needed (and forgot the flavored oatmeal my son wanted), and rushed home, only to realze that I had been gone a grand total of... wait for it... twenty minutes. Yes, folks, moms are weird.

In any case, his fever is gone, but he is left with a sore throat. Hopefully, with a lot of chicken noodle soup, and Ricola, he'll be feeling much better tonight. Because seriously, I couldn't take another day of this.

Home again

My son still has a sore throat, headache, but no fever (or at least, he didn't have one when he went to bed last night. He's still asleep.)

Another boring day...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So what does Geek Girl do when home with a sick child?

Well, my computer area is now clean and uncluttered. And I have caught up on reading a bunch of forum posts that I haven't had time for. I also made oatmeal for my son's breakfast, and he's looking forward to chicken noodle soup for lunch. Again.

Eventually, I will need to make my way to the grocery store for more soup and oatmeal.

His throat is really painful, and he says his back aches. He is on the couch, with a book, watching cartoons. I can tell just by looking at him that he is feely pretty crappy. The good news is that his fever is down. I am monitoring it every couple of hours, to make sure that it stays down.

Boring, boring, boring, boring day...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Prepare for non-stop work

Tomorrow, I will be staying home with a sick child. I will very specifically be making sure that he drinks enough fluids, and that his fever doesn't get too high. Since this is the flu, he will not be going to the doctor's office unless his fever gets over 102°F. Too contagious. It was the same for the chicken pox (for the love of God, don't bring him in to expose the entire waiting room full of kids. I wish more people would listen.).

So, I will be stuck at home, basically attending to the every whim of my poor, sick child.

You know he's going to abuse the situation...

If I had someone taking care of me when I was sick, I'd do the same. Since I don't, I have to suck it up and keep things going. Okay, that one time this summer, my son did make me butter toast for lunch. And it worked! Magic toast!

Anyway, I have decided that I am going to sort boxes of crap from my closet tomorrow. It will keep me busy. I may even set up a little costuming challenge for myself. Something that involves hand-finishing, so that I have something to do on these cold, fall nights, when I am sitting on the couch watching TV like a loser.

Yeah, tomorrow is gonna suck.

The Latest Victim

My son's been fighting a cold for the last few days. When he called me after school today, he sounded awful. He had a headache and a sore throat. I told him to rest on the couch until I got home.


When I got home after work, I took his temp. Almost 100°F, and only adult tylenol in the house. He also said that he ached all over, which means... da da duh... it's probably the real flu.

You see, flu season started early this year. So early, in fact, that no flu vaccine clinics have been held. This may, in fact, have been what I had last week, and what I worked through (except for that one day when I couldn't take it anymore and stayed home to feel sorry for myself). So far, a co-worker and his wife are currently suffering from it, and my boss has as well.

So, if you think you may have the flu, but have discounted that theory because it's too early for it, think again.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hey, the grocery shopping is done, too.

I hate grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons. Very busy time at Hy-Vee. But, I got my cart full of mostly unhealthy foods (hey, the salad, apples, bananas, and granola bars got in there by accident!), and got out of there in less than 30 minutes. Behold! The power of The List!

Yes, I am boring. Make no assumptions that this site is meant to be anything other than just what I do and what is in my head. It could be a lot worse, you know. I could actually detail a day at work for you. It would be enough to make your head explode from technical details best left to geeks.

For example:

I had to make a minor, minor change on one of the cyber cafe macs. It involved the following steps (this is why I don't use driveshield in the labs. If I had to go through this to make a small change on the lab machines, I would jump off of the atrium.)

1. Boot to openfirmware and enable firewire boot.
2. Boot from firewire drive. Copy any necessary files to the cafeHD. Move the logout hook from /etc to the admin user desktop. Have to do this in order to be able to login as admin on the cafe machine (this hook invokes a script that causes the machine to reboot on logout instead of logging out. Hence, the cafe user cannot actually logout of the machine.)
3. Reboot.
4. Logout of the cafe user
5. Login as admin. Disable driveshield.
6. Reboot
7. Logout of cafe user
8. Login as admin.
9. Change user restrictions to allow the cafe user to have the ability to make the necessary changes, say in the screensaver.
10. Logout of admin
11. Login as cafe user
12. Make the change, and make sure all windows are closed, and everything looks as it is supposed to.
13. Logout of cafe user
14. Login as admin.
15. Remove the changes made to the cafe user restrictions
16. enable driveshield.
17. Reboot.
18. Hope to God that you did everything correctly, and didn't miss anything, or you will be starting over at 1.
19. repeat for each. damn. machine.

See what I mean. Boring.

Yay! Laundry done!

And before anyone complains about another laundry post, I would like to remind my three readers that laundry makes the world go 'round.

Just think about it for a moment. Without clean laundry, what do you have? You maybe can't go out on the spur of the moment, or maybe you put off running errands, because the only clean clothes you have are either pyjamas or dressy clothes. Maybe you have to wear your least comfortable pair of jeans, instead of your favorites.

What I am trying to say, rather ineloquently, is that without clean laundry, things just don't feel right.

Things feel right for me right now.


I ended up sleeping on the couch last night. And then on the floor, because the couch was not comfortable (my back hurt). I tossed and turned. Finally, around 7am, I woke up, and went to my room to crawl into my bed. I just woke up.

Why didn't I just sleep in my bed last night?

Well, my bed is against the wall that separates my neighbors living room from my bed room. I don't know what the heck was going on over there, but they kept hitting the wall. I finally grabbed my pillow and made my way to the couch.

It was just an overly loud night in the apartment building. Between someone stumbling against the door to my apartment, and loud people in the hall, I did not get to sleep until around 2.

So here is it, nearly three hours after I wanted to wake up. I have laundry to do, a house to clean, and groceries to buy. The day is nearly half gone.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Strange subjects...

"out-of-the-way forked"
"terminus wove"
"abdicate ring"
"underworld waiting room"
"peerless cessation"
"hexagonal execute"
"intensifier salmon"
"sane plumber"

Yeah. Those sound totally legit.

Another Saturday...

What I finished today:

1. Cleaned out the refrigerator.
2. Ran the dishwasher twice (once this morning after breakfast, because I forgot to run it last night, and once after cleaning out the refrigerator).
3. Took out the garbage.
4. Helped my mom solve a computer problem over the phone. In Win2K Pro.
5. Helped my son clean his room. Secret to getting cooperation: We set the timer. 15 minutes of cleaning, then 15 minutes of a DVD, in this case Over the Hedge. Repeat until finished. Took us a total of 45 minutes to clean his room. Multiply that by two of us, and we got 90 minutes of work done. He was very happy with the results. One huge box of stuffed animals to go into storage at my mom and dad's house. Everything else, to my surprise, actually was able to fit in the closet, on the shelves, or in storage containers in his room. We did not take the time to sort, which I will regret later, but I know that nothing new is going to be added.
6. Lunch
7. I made chocolate chip muffins. And ate enough that I did not eat supper, and still feel fuller than I could have believed possible.
8. Bubble bath, and pampering session! Favorite Saturday afternoon treat!
9. Designed a new court gown. I'd like two more gowns before next year's DM Faire, and for any other court events. If I watch for sales and really take my time selecting fabrics, I can do this for under $100 each. Spread out over months, this will be more affordable. Plus, I can really add those details that make a court gown worthy of being a court gown.

What I did not do:

1. Laundry. Ug. This means I have to do laundry tomorrow.
2. Vacuum or dust. I could dust in less than 15 minutes, so this really is just a case of laziness. Okay, Now I have to dust before bed... I just can't stand it.
3. Shopping. I had two 50% off coupons for JoAnn fabrics. One good Friday, one good on Saturday. I was fully planning on going today and getting a bolt of fabric with the coupon. Only at the time I was planning this, I did not have a design yet, or any other projects in mind. I resisted the urge to add to the fabric stash without a clear purpose for the fabric. They were also having a pattern sale, but for crying out loud, I have so many patterns. The only reason for buying them is that they seem to discontinue the good ones at an alarming rate. Better to buy them at 99-cents than to need it later and have to order it from the company at $12. Oh well, I think the patterns are on sale tomorrow, too.

So, more done than not done. More done than I thought I had done.

Then why do I feel like I wasted a Saturday?

Gloomy Day

I am trying to get motivated to start on my Saturday morning chores. My iPod Shuffle is charged up and ready to go. We are tackling my son's room today. That's probably why I am stalling. He has a lot of stuff that he no longer needs that should go into storage. Except we have no storage. My preference would be for about half of the toys in his room to go to Goodwill by the end of today. Realistically, I don't know if we'll purge that much stuff.

It literally has been two years since we have bought anything other than a video game, a book or a bionicle when it was not his birthday or Christmas. We have been fighting to not add to the clutter, and have been mostly successful. We got rid of a lot of stuff at the garage sale this summer. What didn't sell went straight to Goodwill. But there is still too much stuff.

The only problem with doing this is that it messes up the living room. There is no where to put this stuff while organizing. In addition, my son's room is really small. It's a huge challenge.

So, I am limiting the time spent on this project to 90 minutes. No more. I had better get started.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Incredibly good BSG tonight. Probably one of the best yet. Shocked. Completely.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

There's nothing like a good disaster movie...

and Earthquake in New York was nothing like a good disaster movie. I just finished watching this one on the Lifetime Movie Network. It had it's moments of clichéd grandness, earthshaking, and a mafia baddy... Seriously, a Mafia villain.

No, it is not PC to laugh over scenes of destruction. This was so over the top that I couldn't help it.

Normal Day

Nothing too earth shattering to report here.

The twelve-year-old is working on dividing decimals. He was having a hard time of it earlier today, as he missed math class thanks to trombone lessons. I hate it that they pull the kids out of classes to have music lessons, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. They rotate which classes they miss, which helps, but I wish I could request that he not miss math. He's struggled with math for quite awhile, but now he's finally making progress, and is extremely proud that he is getting a B+ so far. I would hate to see that progress halted because of missing class.

We went to the library tonight, to return movie and books, and get more (I ended up with four sewing books, but not the couture technique book that I wanted). On the way home, my son asked if I knew any Chuck Norris jokes. "Well, yeah, but not many clean ones..." He did get a kick out of this one: "Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries." I know, overdone, but it was the only one I could think of. When he asked, all of the naughty ones popped into my head, and that's the only clean one I could remember.

After he finished laughing, he says, "Who is Chuck Norris, anyway?"

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling better!

I was due to take more tylenol at 8:30, but I had to pick up my son at religious ed. When I got home, I had a phone message from a friend, so I called her back. When we hung up, it was 9:15, and I dashed to the living room to catch the season finale of Project Runway. I still haven't taken any.

My headache is there just a little... I shouldn't have any problems sleeping tonight, provided the phone doesn't ring. I think some tylenol pm will help. I had forgotten that I had some left, and had taken regular tylenol instead last night. Dumb. Very dumb.

Okay, off to catch a few z's!