Sunday, June 08, 2008

Photos from Dubuque!

Here is a pic from the last royal audience of the faire. I was exhausted, but the music in the air made things quite bearable. :)

Here are some links to show what you missed!

Dubuque Renaissance Faire 2008 -

Digital Dubuque - Renaissance Faire

Flickr Set from cdedbdme The photo at the top of the post is a crop from one of this user's pics, used through a Creative Commons License.

This is what I have for now, as far as links. If you attended this faire, and have photos to share, please leave a comment on this post, and I'll add your link! :)


nerdgarden said...

Great photos!

Your kid sure is getting tall....


jennifer said...

Thanks! He passed me in height about 3 weeks after Easter. He's about an inch taller, and growing. His feet started growing again, too (size 11). Still hasn't taken the permit test yet...

nerdgarden said...

Size 11? Yikes.

My junior is still very slightly shorter than me, but I'm sure that will change by the end of the summer (you know, the sunlight makes them grow...) and his feet are already bigger than mine too.