Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still having problems

Not a good day today. I am coughing more and more today. I have good patches, but the bad coughing spells are getting worse and worse. I'm nearin the two week mark on this. I'm going back to the doctor to find out for sure what is going on. I can't even clean my house without having to take frequent breaks, and the grocery shopping just wiped me out today.

I did get to see my grandma in the hospital yesterday, I just had to wear a mask when I was in the patient areas. What a mess... They are hoping that they can transfer her to the nursing home in Manson this week sometime, which will be much better for everyone. She was eating finally, and the feeding tube has really helped her gain some strength and start to heal. This has just been a hard last couple of months.

In good news, my son is enjoying his band trip to Florida! They got to see the space shuttle lift off, enjoyed dinner at the hard rock cafe, and spent some time in the pool at the hotel. I wish I were there...

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