Thursday, March 05, 2009


Sorry for the blog silence of the last few weeks. Lots going on, not much time to post. Anyway, here's the low-down:

1. My dad not only torn some tendons in his shoulder, but they also discovered a mass in his bladder that turned out to be malignant cancer. The tumor was removed, he is still recovering from the injury and surgery.

2. My grandma also has cancer. She had surgery about two weeks ago, and is still in the hospital, as more things just keep going wrong. My poor mom has been dividing her time between home and Iowa City (a 4 hour drive), and is worn out. I was intending to go home tomorrow night to help get the house ready for my niece's birthday party which is scheduled for Sunday, but,

3. Found out yesterday that I may have whooping cough! I am on antibiotics to stop the spread to other people, but the doctor did not ACTUALLY DO THE FLIPPIN' TEST. So, when I called my son's doc this morning to find out if he had a booster shot recently (they did a bunch of boosters while we were in the office for another reason a couple of years ago), I had to answer, "No, he didn't do a test", and "I didn't know what to ask him before I left the office, because this SO was not on my radar for possible diagnosis." Still waiting to hear back once they have his chart. If he didn't have it, he needs it NOW, and needs preventative antibiotics.

4. I am moving this fall!!! Bigger apartment! Garage! Extra room!!!! Another bathroom!!! That's about the only good news I've had in the last six weeks.

Anyway, I am at the edge of my sitting up ability for now. I promise to update more frequently, so that my 4 readers don't think I've dropped off the face of the earth forever. Sleepy time now...

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