Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ahh, the difficulties of coming up with a second post...

I have about 5 million things to blog about right now, but as this is now a "public" blog, most of it will have to be shunted off into my anon-blog. But, I can tell you a few things of interest:

1. MacOS X 10.4.2 is supposed to fix that kerberos issue where tickets are not issued on login (for those of you interested in that type of thing :)) Sweet.

2. My new G5s have been ordered for the lab. Very sweet config: dual 2.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 250GB hard drives, 20 in. Apple display (huge in person!). Working on software right now, figuring out what needs to be updated and what can be quietly retired... I won't start working on the lab image until they get in, or 10.4.2 comes out.

3. I am finally adding a laser cutter section to the main resource site for the labs. I am just about done writing the preliminary info. I may try to round up some photo examples, too.

4. I went shopping tonight, meaning to buy something to wear for my class reunion on Saturday, but ended up buying more material and stuff for my next ren faire dress.

5. My modem keeps hanging up, for some unknown reason. Sucks. I am going to try v.32 instead of v.34, but really, I haven't had any problems with this before...

6. The Kleptones rule!

7. Tried watching the movie, "Epoch" tonight. Quit after less than an hour. Not worth it. Maybe some other time.

8. Listening to a mash-up right now of "Ice, Ice, Baby" and several other songs, by the Kleptones. Very sweet.

That's it for tonight.

On this blog, anyway... :)

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