Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I worked from about 8 to about 9 tonight, as I had to stay late to train new monitors. I didn't have time to eat supper, as I was rushing around Hy-Vee trying to buy snacks and pop for the training session.

I have 21 pearls left to sew on my red skirt, then I have to sew another trim to the skirt to tie it together visually with the bodice. I also have to sew lacing rings to the bodice, as we need the sleeves to lace on for the fashion show.

All of this, and nearly all prep work for Saturday, have to be done tomorrow night, as we will be at the I-Cubs game Friday night, to pass out fliers, and be background while the "King" throws out the first pitch.

We open Saturday, and I am really, really stressed out, and just starting to get that glimmer of excitement.

I think if I had time to sleep, I'd be even more excited...

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