Saturday, August 09, 2008

So, what the heck have I been doing lately?

Sewing. Rehearsal. Work.

That's pretty much it. It occurred to me just a bit ago that I haven't linked to my latest project. Awhile back, I started a sewing blog on wordpress, mostly because I had a super-secret project I was working on that I wanted to share with people, without the recipients getting wind out it. This is also why this summer has been light on blogging. I've been sewing and trying to occasionally update the sewing blog. And I just kept forgetting to link to it.

So, without further ado, here is the link to my sewing blog.

The Clumsy Seamstress

A sketch of my current project:

Concept sketch of the queen's gown for the royal wedding at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire, 2008.

So now you know why I've been so silent this summer. :)

Thanks for the heads-up on the broken link, griff!

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