Monday, August 04, 2008

Wow. I feel really special now.

I finally received my copy of the "Who's Who" spam...

Dear Candidate,

If you have received this email previously, we apologize. Our service provider had a small technical issue that has since been resolved. You were recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent your industry in the Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals, and for inclusion into the upcoming 2008-2009 "Honors Edition" of the registry.

We are pleased to inform you that on July 9th, your candidacy was approved. Your confirmation for inclusion will be effective within five business days, pending our receipt of the enclosed application.

The Office of the Managing Director appoints individuals based on a candidate's current position, and usually with information obtained from researched executive and professional listings. The director thinks you may make an interesting biographical subject, as individual achievement is what Who's Who is all about. Upon final confirmation you will be listed among thousands of accomplished individuals in the Who's Who Registry. There is no cost to be included.

We do require additional information to complete the selection process and kindly ask that you access this form on our website by Clicking Here.

How in the WORLD could I EVER ignore this exciting opportunity to be in a book full of people who also paid to have their biography published in this book?!?!?!?

Trust me, when I finally decide to sit down and write my biography (and there would have to be a serious amount of money involved), it won't fit into four paragraphs.

And no, I did not click the link in the email. I feel dirty just for having opened the message...

p.s. This is blog theme is starting to irritate me... Can that quote text get any more yellow-green?

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