Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top Ways to Tell if you are under too much stress.

1. You keep forgetting key items before leaving the apartment, necessitating an about face halfway down the hall.

2. You leave to go run an errand, and realize halfway down the hall that you are still wearing your fluffy slippers (twice yesterday).

3. You have to write everything down, in order to make sure you don't forget to do something, bring something, or miss appointments. We have activities written on three different calendars at this point, and I have two little notebooks in my purse.

4. You make a list of things you need to get from Wal-mart over lunch, that you need for work that afternoon. You get to wal-mart, realize you forgot the list, and can only remember two of the three items on the list. After about 10 minutes, you give up on the third item, as you have to get back to work. When you get to work, and see the list on your desk, there are only two items on it. Both, luckily, are the items you actually bought.

And today's latest:

5. You feel all special because you planned a crockpot meal for dinner tonight. You got everything put together, crockpot turned on right on time. Then, you had to move it to make lunch. 2 hours later, you discover that when you moved the crockpot, you neglected to turn it back on. Dinner is ruined.

What is it going to be like when school and classes actually start????

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