Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And... it broke again.

The vacuum, that is. Second time in three months, and the stupid thing is JUST over a year old.

So, after about 20 minutes of deliberation after the second attempt at fixing it failed (no, it's NOT supposed to squeal like that!), I had my coat and shoes on, and was on my way to Target for a replacement.

This time, I spent a little extra and got a vacuum with a four-year warranty, instead of a cheap one with a 90-day warranty (never, EVER buy a vacuum without a good warranty). I vacuumed the main areas of the apartment, sucking up what the old vacuum had missed.

And as a bonus? The one has different scented filters you can buy, so as you vacuum, it makes the air smell good. I immediately installed the apple cinnamon filter, and the house smells nice and sweet.

Sometimes, it's nice to just give up fixing something and buy new.

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nerdgarden said...

We got rid of a used Oreck that my mother-in-law gave us a while back and bought one of those fancy-schmancy bagless things that sounds like a jet airplane when you turn it on.

The Oreck worked WAAAY better. Betsy was cursing the other day when she had to take the "new" one apart AGAIN to clean the clogs out of it.

"We should have kept the Oreck..."

You know, come to think of it, they need to make a Shop Vac upright vacuum cleaner. No bags or whirly engine things or rollers and brushes--just a Shop Vac on top of a thing that can roll over the floor. Hmmm.......