Sunday, September 23, 2007

Des Moines Renaissance Faire 2007 Round-up

I figured that I had better get these links up before too much time had passed. I am still feeling the post-faire let-down. It was made even worse by the fact that a few of the court members are heading to the Minnesota Faire this Saturday, and I can't go. Of course, I am going to see my family this weekend, which is wonderful, but there is still that feeling of loss that comes from having to choose between two things you really want to do.

Anyway, here is the list (most of these photos, I can't provide a thumbnail on these, so you will just have to click to see the photo).

Have Court will Travel Photos at

Photos from Steve Gray

Caitlin's Photos (I particularely like this one of my son, the Earl of Oxford, and I.

More photos of the faire

And now from some actual pics from the Earl of Oxford (who remembered his camera the last day, unlike me):

The Duchess of Kent, the Earl of Oxford, and the Viscountess of Hereford

The Earl has an eye for the Ladies... ;)

The Gentlemen of the Court, and the young Viscount at a disadvantage...

And that concludes this photo round-up of the Faire!

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nerdgarden said...

The link to the one of your son, the Earl, and yourself goes to a gallery page--I don't think they are using frames but are probably using some sort of server-side gallery thing.

I think this link might work. :)