Friday, March 07, 2008

Fiasco of an afternoon...

My son was absent from school yesterday due to illness. This afternoon, when he called me after getting home from school, he was really upset.

Basically, when he opened his locker this morning, his textbooks were missing.

The 8th graders basically have only two real textbooks (don't even get me started on that subject) - American History, and Science. Both were missing.

His teachers were no help, basically told him the books hadn't been left in their rooms, and told him that he had to find them himself. Eventually, he found the American History book on the top of his row of lockers, which was NOT where he had left it (in a padlocked locker). He couldn't find his science book.

So, after telling me this, I called the school to find out what we could do. That was another exercise in futility. The school's phone system is completely messed up. I managed to leave a message with the dean of students, but couldn't get through again. Finally, I left work early, picked up my son, and went to the school.

We met one of his teachers while we were looking in their work room (where all found textbooks are supposed to be returned). We didn't find his book in the room, and the teacher kept telling Ian that he shouldn't have left his books on top of his locker, because people will take them. We kept trying to explain that he never leaves his books out of his locker, and that I was concerned because it meant someone else might have his combination. Just didn't seem to get that this was a real problem.

After some searching, we finally managed to find his science book on top of lockers in another wing of the school. Went back and told the teacher we had found it, and where exactly we had found it. Turns out, that row of lockers belongs to some troublemakers who give my son a hard time.

What a mess, but at least we found his books....

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