Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring is a beautiful thing

It's days like this that give me hope that spring will actually arrive, winter will end, I will lose forty pounds without being hungry, find eternal happiness, and live happily ever after.

Well, the first two, anyway...

It got up into the 50s today. Squee!!!! The entire week looks good so far, including the weekend. This winter has been awful, and I am overcome with spring fever now that it looks like it might be winding down.

I'm cautiously optimistic in hoping that we won't end up with a late spring snow storm/ice storm/tornadoes, etc. Of course, this is Iowa, so we'll probably get all three next week...

Of course, I am also in a good mood, as we will be starting Royal Court rehearsals soon, and got a little information about bookings for this season. We have two solid bookings, and one that we just found out about today (doing a happy dance! Once it's booked for sure, I'll share!).

Things are looking up!

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Paul Mohr said...

I was inches away from despair myself with this weather and I think if we have a few days of nice weather when I can run and ride in the park I will certainly be strong enough emotionally to see my way through a late winter storm, if it comes. I enjoy -relative- happiness. I rode my bike to campus when it was 10 below zero (an attempt to face the winter head on and conquer it), I decided it was better to lock my bike on campus and take the bus home. I can finally retrieve my bike tomorrow.
And as far as the troubles with your son, I also had those problems in Jr high as I was very small and considerate. For some strange reason I grew a foot between 9th and 10th grade. Some people mistake kindness for weakness and that is their mistake.