Monday, October 20, 2008



Could be that maybe, just maybe, some pieces of the puzzle might be coming together. But seriously, folks, I swear that the moment you hit your 30s, your body is on a downward spiral, and you might as well go ahead and buy that little compartmentalized daily medicine box, and put away your cha-cha shoes. You're old!

Every stupid year, some stupid health issues come up and, once again, I have to have some annoying, expensive tests to figure out that it was nothing. Or at least, nothing that anyone could find.

Talk about feeling like a hypochondriac.

Earlier this month, I had my physical. This is the physical that I put off due to a funeral, then showed up for a day late, and finally got around to having two months after it had been originally scheduled. Of course, I had forgotten to get my labs drawn a week before (we were really busy at work), and as my appointment was at 8am, I did not have a chance to go over my results with my doctor as I usually do.

However, at my appointment, my doctor did have the chance to give me a list of vitamins to start taking, due to the fact that I passed the magical age of 36. Oh fun. She also added a test to my lab sheet, to check my vitamin D levels, as that is something they start testing at my age.

You can see where this is going, right?

Well, what with being sick, I haven't had the chance to get the mail since Thursday. So today, at lunch, I checked the mailbox, and found my lab reports, along with a note, and a prescription for a quite large dose of vitamin D once a week. Turns out, of course, that my vitamin D levels are low. I have to have a recheck in 12 weeks, and we'll see what's going on.

In the mean time, I have something else to worry about.

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