Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yay! (TMI alert!)

I am feeling a LOT better in the last hour or so, although I really wish I could find my bottle of tylenol, as I still have a headache. And I should really eat something before I go to bed, but don't want to.

This was a weird stomach thing... Unpleasant, headache, body aches, fever went up and down until around 3 or so today, intense nausea but no vomiting (as in, I tried, and couldn't!), and the Other Problem.

Anyway, I am not terribly sleepy right now, as I slept in this morning. I slept a LOT yesterday, except for last night when the Other Problem keep intruding.

I cannot WAIT to feel well enough to eat REAL FOOD. You see, we went on a massive grocery shopping expedition on Sunday afternoon, then went HyVee Monday night to get the rest of the stuff that we couldn't get at Super Wal-mart (call me nuts, but I like the hyvee brand cheeses a lot, and for some reason walmart did not have the type of pizza sauce we like, nor any good roasts). So, for once, I had planned out menus for the next three weeks, was all organized... and then promptly got sick and was unable to eat any of it.

Here is what I ate the last 48 hours:

3/4 cup oyster crackers (including some in soup)
1 can of chicken noodle soup (minus the chicken), made with 1/2 can water instead of full can (condensed nutrition), over two days
about 9 vegetable crackers
1 tablespoon of cashews
3 pieces of wheat toast with margarine - one yesterday, two for lunch today at around 2pm
10 holiday grapes (most of these were eaten monday night, but I had a couple last night because I was so sick of tasteless food)

Anyhoo, I think I am finally sleepy enough to actually sleep.

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