Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Good and the Bad


1. Supposed to be switching our apartment building ISP today.
2. Had to move computer to living room in order to be able to use new service.
3. So far, no connectivity via the new service.
4. My dressform shrunk under the load of my new overskirt! When I got home from work, it was several inches shorter than it was when I left this morning. Therefore, no pictures tonight. The sticker with the inch markings on the support column decided to fail, and slipped. Urg.
5. Got no work done on costumes tonight due to having to move the living room around.


1. Got to play with my nephews and see two of my sisters tonight!
2. Old internet service still works (just tried it on a whim).
3. ...

Hey, but I got to hold my youngest nephew for a nice long time, and see my other nephew and sisters. :)

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