Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thanks, Fox, for the huge kick in the...

The Iowa State vs. Kent State game was supposed to be on channel 22 tonight. Instead, Ames viewers were greeted by an infographic saying that Fox had refused to let Mediacom show the game in Ames, because "Iowa is a Big 10 State."

Nice. Apparently, the rest of us don't count.

I missed the game anyway, due to my son wanting some time on the nintendo, and due to my Mad Men addiction. I only found out about this on the news just a few minutes ago.

After work, I had to go pick up my son from a birthday party. The house was mere blocks from the stadium, so I had a heck of a time even getting close to the house. Luckily, my son saw the car, and came out of the house. I saw at least one of my lab monitors carting a case of beer with a friend... I'll have to give him a bad time about that on Tuesday, when I get back to work.

You see, surprise of surprises, I am actually taking a day off of work tomorrow. I have been swamped for the last seven weeks, and I need a break. I plan to sleep, finish some faire related errands (I bought my son the wrong type of scrub pants, and then managed to lose the receipt!), and finish last second projects. I plan to be in bed by 10 pm, and sleeping by 10:15. I'm finally getting excited!

Anyway, just a couple of buttons left on my son's doublet, and then I need to cut out a little pouch to hold my rose coins, and a new pouch for my son (he lost the one I made him last year). I also finished the new bodice jewelry, and tacked it to the black bodice. Then, I have to modify the new scrub pants for my son. I still have quite a bit of work to do on the new sleeves, too. I keep finding more stuff that needs to be done before tomorrow night...

Anyway, a day off is exactly what I needed to save my sanity!!! :)

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nerdgarden said...

Fox? Are they the normal carrier of ISU games?

Yeah, we're in the midst of this childish behavior between the Big 10 network and the cable companies (we have Mediacom too, as luck would have it). We're still not exactly sure what benefit we'd get from the Big 10 network--the local CBS affiliate used to show every one of the games, unless they were against someone really important, in which case they'd either be on ESPN or something else national.

I see the cable companies point, actually--I don't think it is fair for them to force everyone to pay $1.10 more a month and be forced to have the network whether they want it or not--which is what the Big 10 wants. Sure, I'd pay for it, but I already have the "second tier" of channels or whatever, and I would hope that it would just be added to that.