Sunday, August 26, 2007

Long day, sandwiched between two long weeks...

Yesterday was our final rehearsal before the faire opens this coming Saturday! It was a gorgeous day, despite a few puddles. Very productive!

I finally finished my son's new doublet, except for the 15 buttons down the front. I also made him a new hat out of black velveteen, with one white ostrich plume, and one peacock feather (Hobby Lobby is not open Sundays, so his request for three peacock feathers had to be shot down). I recyled the amber jewel from his last hat, fixed the tack back to it, and put it all together. It looks really good. His last hat was way too small, and was cutting off the circulation to his brain (or so he says... LOL).

I have a long list of things that need to be done before Friday. I have already prioritized, and scheduled the days for each task. I am hoping to be able to be done with everything before Friday, so I can concentrate on sleeping, and enjoying the anticipation of opening day.

Today was a pretty long day. Besides sewing, laundry, cleaning, etc, I had to train new lab monitors at work. That took all afternoon. Just before I left for work, I got a call from Lynne, our head of the Royal Court (you know, the wearer-of-the-pointy-hat). She said that she had been contacted by a reporter from the Des Moines Register's Datebook, who wanted to also interview my son, as he is one of the youngest performers at the faire.

I didn't have time to call back the reporter right away, as I needed to get to work, so we called this evening, and arranged to talk with her at nine or so. She talked with my son, then with me (to clarify things that my son didn't know) for about 45 minutes. My son did a great job, despite being pretty nervous. He had made some notes of things he thought she might ask, in case he would forget something while he was talking to her. I just explained that he just needed to pretend this was a friend of teacher asking the questions, and he'd do fine.

The article will appear in the Datebook on Thursday. It will probably show up online the same day. I'll post a link when I find it (and probably buy quite a few copies of the paper!!!).

Well, I'm blinking over the keyboard right now, with still an hour before I can take more Sudafed. I have a nasty cold that I hope does not turn into a sinus infection. I am coughing quite a bit, and my voice is going. I am going to be drinking tea with honey quite a bit this week, as I need to be able to talk this weekend. Today was better than last night, so I have hope that I can shake this quickly. Ten hours of sleep last night helped quite a bit. It's too hard to sew when your sinuses are driving you crazy... :)

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