Saturday, October 06, 2007

Geek Girl's Massive Decluttering Initiative!

And so it begins.

Once again, I have let possessions pile up to the point where I want to scream everytime I open a drawer, cupboard, closet, or my son's bedroom door.

I don't consciously remember buying more crap, but garb takes a lot of space, as does my son's school bags, guitar, bean bag chair, and the toys that really need to go to storage or to Goodwill.

As an incentive to decluttering, we have decided that once this project is done to my satisfaction, we each can pick out something that we have wanted to a long time, and would not normally buy.

My son, of course, wants a new game for his Nintendo DS.

I want a new set of dishes.

This was an abstract thought last weekend, when I was talking with my sister, Kim. She had sold her Fiesta Ware to someone at work for about $325 (would have cost about $600 for this person to buy new), and was going to buy new Debbie Sarento dishes with the money. My mom bought new dishes last fall. I've had the same everyday dishes for 10 years, and they are chipped, warped from the dishwasher, and missing a few pieces. I have another set of better dishes that can't go into the microwave, and that I really just don't like anymore. And then there is my granny's china that she gave me when I moved into this apartment. And my own good china which we rarely use (graduation gift)...

I didn't know what I wanted to replace my dishes, until I went to Target on Wednesday and fell in love with the most beautiful set of dishes. Unfortunately, they are not available at the online store, so I can't link to a photo. They have a cream background, on a heavy plate, and have stylized flowers. Quite beautiful. I am going to start out with a four-place setting, and expand it. I really hope they are not a seasonal thing.

Anyway, enough of the obsession over dishes! Time to get to work! I want most of this crap cleared out by tomorrow morning. I'll post progress!

* yesterday's step total: 9171

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