Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gray Sunday

So, what exactly have I done in the last four weekends since the faire ended? I had to think about this last night, at the Royal Court party in Des Moines.

Not a whole lot.

My two social event type things that I attended were fun. One was a dress rehearsal for a local musical, and the other was a family event.

The party was really fun. Holly (who plays the Duchess of Kent) has a gorgeous house, and is an excellent cook and hostess. And I am insanely jealous of her wonderful sewing room that takes up the entire attic of her house! ;) Her sewing library is excellent as well. Her quilts are incredibly detailed, full of color and light, and gorgeous. There are a couple of books I need to look for, now that I have seen them in person...

It was great to get to see everyone again. :)

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