Monday, October 08, 2007

So now I really won't be able to sleep tonight...

... for sheer, and utter terror...

Poll: Romney Keeps Iowa Lead

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Mitt Romney is still maintaining a lead in Iowa that he's held over other presidential candidates for months.

A poll released Sunday by The Des Moines Register shows the former Massachusetts governor with support from 29 percent of Iowa Republicans. ...The telephone poll was done Oct. 1 to 3 of 405 registered voters who said they would definitely or probably attend the Republican caucuses. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

The Romney people called me at least six times in September, despite the fact that I am a registered Democrat, and answered to that effect each and every time they called me over the dinner hour. "No, I am not going to vote in the Republican Causus." I can only be so lucky that they didn't call me for this poll. Maybe it was the fact that my patience was stretched to the limit at the sixth call, which came when I was very sick, and they would not let me gracefully end the call. I said it would be a cold day in Hell before I voted for Romney.

To be honest, I have not decided who to vote for yet. Hillary was in town tonight. In fact, she was less than 50 yards from where we were having our meeting. We could hear her speech through the open windows, and I went down to street level to listen. I liked what I heard. Grace, wit, and elegance. Unfortunately, the guys are going to eat her alive when it gets close to nomination and the election (if she's nominated).

She also didn't litter our town with her signs like Romney did during the straw poll. Every. Two. Damn. Feet. He had signs every two damn feet, and plastered across our lovely buildings in campustown. I was too busy sewing to blog about that bit of overenthusiasm at the time. Just trashed our town. I wish I had taken pictures.

Anyway, I have a feeling we'll be seeing more candidates in the state in the next few months. I just hope they treat us with consideration, and quit the overwhelming phone spam, and littering.

Gad, I wish I could sleep...

And if I find out who put me on the Republican phone list, you'll be put on an interesting list of your own... ;)

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nerdgarden said...

It wasn't me! It wasn't me!