Monday, October 22, 2007

Well, there's two hours of my life I won't get back...

If you were even contemplating watching "Dracula 2000", wanting a Halloween thrill, I'll save you the trouble.


Somehow, I missed this movie when it first came out. I always meant to see it, but everytime my hand passed over it on the library shelf, I got distracted by something else (ooohhh! New Hugh Jackman movie?????? Squeee!!!).

Anyway, tonight, I was channel surfing, and happened upon this movie on AMC, which is running horror movies in honor of Halloween. So, having nothing better to do other than laundry and house cleaning, I watched the whole thing.

Okay, so I couldn't get beyond the whole fact that Dracula is dressed almost exactly like Neo in the Matrix, and that the effects were cheap crap. And then, they pull the whole, Dracula-is-really-Judas-Iscariot-thing, and I just lost it. Not even the cuteness of Johnny Lee Miller could save this stinker of a movie.

I'm just ticked that I kept watching.

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