Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dang, I got a lot done today.

No problems with the power today, TG. It rained quite a bit after it finished ice raining around 3 or so. When it refreezes tonight, the roads are going to be a mess.

I spent most of my waking hours working on a play dress for my niece, Grace, and it's looking so cute! Well, the bodice part is mostly done, and one of the drapy sleeves is sewn, and the rest is cut out and waiting. Costume satin is not the most fun to sew, but it will look so cute when it's finished!

I spent over an hour just getting the pattern pieces traced, mainly because I had to locate everything I needed, and then I couldn't find my scotch tape anywhere, despite having just bought one of those four pack things a couple of weeks ago. I ended up finding just one of the rolls, but I'm sure I'll find the others as soon as I buy more.

My back hurts, but it is a good ache. I had so much fun today! Now, I am going to have some ice cream, then park my behind on the couch with a book and enjoy the glow of the Christmas tree.

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