Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I can't get warm, folks. I feel like the world's biggest wimp, and feel like I must give up my "born-in-Iowa" creds, as it isn't even really as cold as it's going to get this winter, yet.

And no, I am not aneorexic. In fact, if anything, I am going the other way lately. Show me a cupcake, and I'm going to eat it. Or maybe six of them. Trust me, I am not lacking for an insulating layer of subcutaneous fat.

Perhaps the reason I am so sensitive to the cold lately is that I am getting another nasty cold. I have been flirting around with several varieties this fall so far, but this one feels like it has the capacity to be The One. The cold to end all colds, the one that turns into a respiratory infection just in time for Finals week. Because you know, it's not the end of the semester unless I get sick, and have to work through a sinus infection or walking pnuemonia (done both, it sucked, and damaged my lungs).

So here I am, with the thermostat turned up to a decadent 75°F (who had it down to 70°!!??? Damn gremlins!), wrapped in my favorite red blanket. You know, the one that leaves lint everywhere, the one I can't sleep without. My wubby. This blanket goes everywhere with my in cold weather. Except work, because I don't want to get work germs on it. But believe me, I am missing it the entire time I'm at work, due to the cool breezes from the lab and atrium. I have no idea why my office would feel cold when the thermostat says 84°F...

And speaking of cold, and stress, let me tell you the three things that are stressing me out the most right now:

1. Snow forcast for tomorrow,
2. Freezing rain for both Saturday and Sunday,
3. I am expected to camp this weekend, and it is supposed to ice rain this weekend.

All of the chocolate caramels in the world can't make me feel any better right now, although suddenly being able to not have to camp this weekend would improve my outlook immensely...

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