Sunday, December 09, 2007

Still hanging on...

So, I woke up this morning, got a bath, got dressed, put makeup on, all in prep to go out to run errands.

Then, I took my temperature, and realized I still had a fever.

So, I got back into my jammies, and tried to occupy myself.

Things I did today:

1. Spent some time on the couch. Urg.
2. Warmed up soup for lunch.
3. Created a new google group for costumers, due to some differences of opinion about overzealous moderation on a forum I post to. Basically, even though I have seen very few posts that were snarky, apparently, even the chance that anyone could possibly misconstrue anything to be snarky is enough to get the post deleted, or the thread locked, or the thread totally deleted. Which obviously makes people hesitant to comment on a thread with advice. So, if someone asks if something is accurate, be careful in how you reply, because someone will take offense. This also makes it hard if you are really looking for an honest opinion. So I decided to offer a place to be able to freely discuss.
4. I am now baking a chocolate cake, because I am dying for chocolate, and I can't go to the store because I have a slight fever.
5. I am also now dividing my time between checking email, and snuggling under the covers watching Battlestar Galactica, Season 2.5. With my stocking cap on again, of course, because I am still cold.

It's funny, but for technically being still sick, I am restless, and cannot sit still for long. I don't drink caffeine, so that's not the problem, and I did not take any more of the cold meds, so that's not the problem either.

Anyway, time to get back under the covers, and try to get well enough to go to work tomorrow, although technically, I should be fever-free for 24 hours before going back...

Oh, and BTW, the group is Historically Influenced Renaissance Garb if you are interested in joining...

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