Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is starting to get a little ridiculous...

I managed to get to work yesterday, despite the ice problems. I worked all day, then spent a lovely time with my nephews in the evening. I came home, puttered around the house, wrote a blog post, and went to bed.

This morning, I woke up, and while I was getting ready, I started feeling really icky.

Gross stuff ahead!

I ended up throwing up. I had a bit of a temp again, and I obviously stayed home. In fact, I crawled back into bed, wet hair and all, after waking up my son to tell him to get ready for school. I slept nearly all day, trying really hard to not move around a lot. I just threw up the one time, luckily, but I didn't start to feel better until around 6 or so. My stomach still feels pretty funky, and I'm a little achy from being in bed all day.

This just is not like me to be so damn sick for so many damn days, and with different symptoms. Maybe I picked up something else at work yesterday. Anyway, just two more days until the end of the semester.

And less than two weeks until Christmas, and for someone who started out early in the planning and shopping, the last two weeks have set me back time-wise considerably. Not a single present is wrapped, although most of them have been purchased already. I haven't had a chance to get my lab monitors anything yet, as I was sick all weekend, and was busy last night. I may leave early for work tomorrow, and get some candy from the grocery store. I think I already have treat bags. But the worst is that I still have well more than half of the shopping left to do for my son.

I just hope I am completely and utterly well by this weekend, or I don't know when I am going to finish.

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