Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why you should always watch where you are going...

After getting to spend a lovely 45 minutes with my sister, her husband, and their two adorable sons (although the 3 year old is driving her nuts), we finished up an errand, and came home. Honestly was the best time I've had in weeks. :) My youngest nephew is sitting up and smiling and gurgling like crazy, and my other nephew is just a scream. It was great. :)

As I was putting the presents we had bought under the tree, and was taking the shrink wrap off of the new Harry Potter movie, I ran into this little bench thing I have by my arm chair. I hit the right side of the front of my right shin. I have the most incredible bruise imaginable. I am damn lucky it didn't break the skin, as there is a nice and neat mark right where it hit, surrounded by blue, and it's swollen. I'm sure it will look even better tomorrow.

Funny thing is, I felt it when I hit it, and was jumping around in the "oh-crap-that-hurts-like-hell" dance for a few minutes, then I sat down to read and kind of forgot about it until I just got into the tub. Then of course, it started to throb like crazy.

This was an appropriate end to my day.

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