Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just one more step until the holiday relaxation can commence...

The second dress is done, all of the boxes are wrapped, and the shipping box is packed. Postage has been calculated, and the box is just about ready to be shipped out first thing in the morning.

The only "Oh Shit!" moment for today came after the boxes were wrapped and carefully fitted into the shipping box. You see, I took pictures of the dress, so that I could show my mom. It wasn't until after I had downloaded the photos that I realized that I totally, utterly, screwed up the zipper in this one. It works, don't get me wrong, or I would have noticed when I sewed it into place, removed the basting threads, and fixed another small area.

There were just two minor mistakes: 1. I forgot to use white bobbin thread when I sewed the white zipper into the blue dress (they had no blue zippers left), and 2. one side at the top is higher than the other, at the zipper top.

Good one. I spent about 15 hours or more on this dress, and I fraked up the zipper.

I hope my niece isn't too scarred by this...

Anyway, as soon as the box is in the post, I will be able to finally, finally feel like I have accomplished something this holiday season. Yes, my house is a disaster, I am still trying to fight off some respiratory thing, and I am exhausted. But, I feel great right now, because I just know my niece is going to love her new costumes, and as soon as I see a photo of her all dressed up, I am going to want to start all over again with new ones.


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