Monday, December 17, 2007

It can't possibly be this close to Christmas!!!!

I am working like crazy to get everything done for Christmas. I have my niece's second dress nearly finished (skirt attached, zipper, and hemmed by Wednesday?), and I have nearly all of the presents for everyone on my list. I have two more presents to buy for my son, and then he's done. And one more present for a friend, who gave me something I really enjoyed last year, and so is even more tough to buy for this year. ;)

Right now, though, I am soooo ready to go to sleep. I worked on sewing while waiting for the spinach to thaw for my spinach dip. Then, finally at around 10:15, I was able to get the beer bread put together (I was also waiting for the beer to get warmer), and into the over. My apartment smells like a frat party, minus the smoke and vomit ambiance. I am having major back and leg pain right now, and I am so sleepy that I am literally having waking dreams of being snuggled in my bed right now.

But, I must stay awake to get the bread out of the oven, cooled, and wrapped up for tomorrow. Another 40 minutes, minimum...

I should have just bought the dinner rolls instead...

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