Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why so silent?

I just realized that my last post had been Dec. 24. I have no idea why, whilst on vacation, and having nothing more to do than to decide just how late to sleep in, and what cleaning I want to do each day, that I have not blogged about this cornucopia of free time.

Except, it really wasn't free time, as I found plenty enough to do. Here's a list of high points:

Dec. 25: Woke up, helped start food for lunch, brushed hair, put on makeup, resolutely stayed in pajamas until lunch. Opened presents, took lots of pictures, skipped breakfast, then ate way too much lunch to compensate for eating very little in Sunday and Monday. Was dozing on the couch by 8:30.

Dec. 26: Dad fixed windshield wipers. Lounged around the house until around noon, tidied away our Christmas goodies, and packed up to go home. Left town by around 5, stopped off for McDonald's, was back in Ames by 6:30. At 7, went shopping the Christmas clearance stuff, and to scope out if they had any Nintendo DS Lites, in onyx, for my son to use all of his Christmas gift cards and money on. Both Target and Walmart were out.

Dec. 27: Slept in again. Hit snooze from 8:00 to 9:00, then woke up, took a long bubble bath, made up the menus, and grocery lists. Cleaned the bathroom, and kitchen, then did the grocery shopping and spent $70 for two people for a week. Made frozen pizza for lunch, then cleaned up, and called the maintenance people to fix various problems. All but two were cleared up right away. Made chicken tortilla soup for supper. Used stir fry cut chicken, fried in olive oil, and low sodium chicken broth. I had to add salt to it, for flavor, but it still ended up with much less sodium than it would have had. Nummy!

Dec. 28: Up fairly early, took bubble bath, put on makeup, fixed hair. Sorted laundry, started laundry, emailed Mom to ask what time she was coming for dinner. Had leftover soup for lunch. Took my son to Target to buy his DS Lite. TG they had one in the color he wanted. He spent the rest of the day alternating between playing it, and polishing it. :) He much prefers buying a big item with his gift cards and money, than buying a bunch of little things. He still has $35 left, to spend later. He's a saver. Mom came over for dinner, and I made garlic lime chicken, wild rice with water chestnuts and green onion, and cauliflower (my son's choice for veggies). Every bit was eaten, it was so good.

Today: Got woken up by the appliance store calling to see if it would be a good time to come over and fix the ice maker. This was after I had turned off the alarm at 8, because I thought that they wouldn't be coming on a Saturday (I couldn't sleep last night, for some reason). They were here 40 minutes later, and stayed an hour, but my ice maker works perfectly now, without flooding the kitchen. After they left, I was bored, so started to reorganize my son's room, in preparation for moving a dresser. Then, a friend called and asked if he could come over, so that was a welcome break! And my house was clean, so I didn't even have to hesitate before saying yes, which made my day! Of course, I looked like crap, since I had just scraped my hair into a ponytail that morning, due to having to rush because of the appliance people. Oh well! Later, I took a nap, as we had a LAN party to go to tonight. We got home 30 minutes ago, and it took 30 minutes for my hands and toes to warm up. I ate way too much pizza, and got my a$$ handed to me in Starcraft but it was fairly fun. My back hurts from shivering, though. Way too cold in the scout room.

Anyway, now that I have finished with this boring post, I will promise to bore you more often in little chunks, rather than dumping all of this into one post. Call it a New Year's Resolution, if you want.

And now it's time to get some sleep...

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