Sunday, February 10, 2008

Costuming work - Gold Forepart and Sleeves

I finally am nearly finished with a project I've been working on since mid-January. Here are a couple of pics of a new forepart and sleeve set for my black gown:

The gold is a piece of fabric I got on sale at JoAnn fabrics, for $10/yard. It was originally $40/yard, so it was a great deal. I barely had enough at 2 yards. I am using the paned sleeve and the forepart patterns from the Margo Anderson Ladies patterns. The forepart is backed in cotton drill, and has about 200 4mm and 8 mm pearls sewn to it. The red and gold trim has a pattern of stylized flowers. This was a Hobby Lobby clearance find at about $1/yard.

The sleeves are lined with two layers of quilter's cotton, and embellished with 4 mm, 8mm, and 10mm glass pearls and gold cord. I still need to finish the top edges of the one sleeve, and sew the panes together for the other.

The gold cord was in the Christmas ribbon section at Hobby Lobby, for $2.50 for a roll of 10 yards. I had two rolls, and used about 12.5 yards on these two projects. I really wish I had bought more, as there is another project I'd like to use it for. Now I'll have to wait until they put the holiday stuff out again in June or July, and hope I have enough time to add it to the new dress.

This has been a fun project, as I am not rushing through it to get ready for faire. I have months to go before our first booked faire at the end of May, and even if we work at the Amana faire again for the court, I have plenty of time. I can't wait to wear this!!!

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