Thursday, February 07, 2008

Everything all at once, or nothing at all.

I stayed home from work today, because I had a terrible sore throat still this morning, and had spent most of last night with the chills. By 3, I was feeling almost human, despite the fact that I knew my son had a band concert at 5, and needed to be at the school by 4:30.

As we were getting ready for the concert, he dropped another bombshell on me.

High School orientation at 7:00 pm tonight.

So not ready to have a freshman in high school.

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nerdgarden said...

High School orientation already? Yikes. And I'm a year behind you with that--can't believe we're getting there already.

Hope you start feeling better. I've been dealing with a chest cold of some sort for far too many days now--it's awful.

How's your weather? ;) We had a foot of snow, then it was 50 and it all melted, then it rained for a day and a half so Villa Grove flooded and school was cancelled and we couldn't get out of town to go to work, and then it snowed again.