Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't even ask me how the weather is up here...

Especially if you are a telemarketer from South Carolina who has the guts to ask an Iowan how the weather is...

Today was an interesting day. Morning started out rough, with the accmulated snow and ice needing to be scraped off of the car. I left the house 20 minutes early, and it barely was early enough. The roads were awful in town, but cleared up by noon.

The diet has been going surprisingly well. I think I am more motivated than I can ever remember being about losing weight. I am going to make this work. Follow the program, learn to make good choices, and take off the damn weight. I am not as hungry as I was last week at the beginning of this. Part of that is timing and content of snacks. :)

Anyway, today's totals:

Breakfast: shredded wheat - 3 pts
Morning snack: Fat-free pretzels - 2 pts.

Lunch: Smart Ones Chicken Alfredo - 7 points (not terrible, but not the best)
Broccoli - 0
One slice of bread - 1 point

Snack (3:00): animal crackers - 3 pts

Dinner: 3 oz baked chicken - 3 pts
8 oz steamed potatoes with butter spray and Lawry's Salt (oh yummy!) - 3 pts (this was a serious amount of potatoes, if you've never measured. almost too much to eat)
winter mix vegetables - 0

Evening snack (8 pm) - pretzels - 2 points

Totally not hungry now at all.

Total: 24 points - very good!


nerdgarden said...

It's still awful here as well. We had blowing snow all afternoon yesterday that finally seemed to subside by the time I left work for the day. The drive home was terrible--even the main two-lane highway had areas that were covered with packed ice. It took me about twice as long as normal to get home.

Is it Spring yet? Sheesh....

jennifer said...

40's for us by the weekend! I think I'll open every window in the apartment and spring clean!

Just have to get through the "light" snow tomorrow afternoon...

nerdgarden said...

Whoa! I just checked weather.com and we're supposed to get 40s on Friday and Saturday and 54 on Sunday! That's warm enough to play golf!

Except it is supposed to rain.

Come on, Spring. Hurry up...