Friday, February 08, 2008


I hate falling asleep on the couch, especially on Friday night.

As best I can figure out, I dropped off around 8 and woke up at around 10. Now I feel like I am forgetting something extremely important, and I can't quite figure out what it is exactly. So, I can't go back to sleep, as I am feeling anxious. Nothing scheduled for tomorrow. Laundry is mostly caught up. House needs an hour to get back into shape. No real reason for anxiety. Bummer.

So, it's time to fall back on the old standby - channel surfing.

I managed to find Bridget Jones' Diary on Bravo, although it loses something in the editing for TV. Such a sweet story, really. Too bad it's nearly over.

I doubt I'll find anything else on at this time of night. And no, out of general principal, I do not watch the Lifetime Movie Network, because seriously, every movie they show has one of four topics: 1. abused wife/girlfriend flees psycho spouse/boyfriend/stalker, 2. daughter/single/divorced mom beats incredible odds while dealing with personal tragedy, 3. woman/girl with eating disorder, 4. woman/mother with cancer or other terrible disease.

In other words, the same four movies. Only the names of the characters, and sometimes the actors that play them, change.

Boring night...

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