Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 2

Breakfast: shredded wheat - 3pts.
mid-morning snack: same - 3pts

Weight Watchers, Smart Ones: Slow Roasted Turkey Breast, with mashed potatoes: 4 pts.
green beans: free
bread, three slices: 3 pts. (hoping to avoid afternoon cravings)

Snack: Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips: 4 points - helped bridge the gap, as dinner wasn't ready until after 7.

4 oz. chicken breast - 4 points (baked, with butter spray, and crushed Italian croutons, less than 1/4 serving)
cauliflower - 0 points
instant mashed potatoes*, one serving, with butter spray and garlic: 2 points or less (did my calcs on the info on the box for the prepared mix, but left out the butter)

One serving fat free pretzels: 2 points, for 32 pieces. great snack, couldn't tell they were fat free at all.

Guilty pleasure: 1 cadbury caramel chocolate egg. I told myself I wasn't going to eat it, but that would be like telling Riker he couldn't go on an Away Mission. I ate it, I'm owning up to it: 4 points.

Total: 29 points, but probably less considering I used no butter on the potatoes.

Disappointing. But, I had points left over yesterday, so not a terrible start. Tomorrow night, I'm adding exercise.

* Note: The only reason I used instant potatoes was due to the fact that the bag of potatoes I bought last week smelled musty when washed. I hate it when that happens. The garlic seasoning helped mask the school-lunch taste.

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