Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm honestly not really trying to bore you all...

I'm just not the most interesting person in the world. Sorry. That's what happens when you take the chocolate away from me. Seriously.

Okay, today, I did okay on the diet. I saw a slight improvement on the scale this morning, but it's too early to count. Anyway, here is today's totals so far:

Breakfast (broken record):
shredded wheat - 3 pts.
BTW, this shredded wheat is the Strawberry Delight frosted mini-wheats. Very good!

fat-free pretzels - 2 pts.

Smart Ones Fettuccine Alfredo, with extra broccoli: 7 6 points. Loved this!

more pretzels - 2 pts.

I've been chewing gum to get through the early evening until dinner, so was able to cut out a snack.

4 oz chicken, cut up and fried with Pam - 4 pts.
wild rice - 3 pts
water chestnuts - free
soy sauce - 1 (less than 1, really. Only 10 calories per tbsp.)
onion - 0

Yes, I need a snack right now. Not sure what it will be. Maybe an apple or applesauce, and pretzels...

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Paul Mohr said...

I find your daily reports interesting, however if you use Google Analytics to monitor access to your page you can find out how many people actually read the blog. I also read a blog for a college student that is anorexic. I find it interesting because I actually have no hunger for food at all. I have to eat a certain amount of food each day to maintain my current weight of 190 pounds. which is normal for my height of 6'3". I have some very controversial topics and opinions on my blog, however I have perhaps 5 visitors each day [and those I know are members of my family because Google Analytics allows you to see the location of people who visit (smily)]. So keep up the commentary, I find it very interesting. It is like the character Data (Brent Spiner) wondering what this hunger thing is all about. I actually met Brent Spiner and spoke to him for some time at a computer exposition (COMDEX). He is actually just as odd as a real person :)