Sunday, May 20, 2007

Food, and what to do with it.

As I found out a few years ago, attempting to cut down on sodium in your diet is a frustration the likes of which can only be compared to trying to cut back on the amount of air that you breathe.

Everything, from a slice of bread (110mg), to frozen cauliflower (25mg), has it. Canned soup? Forget it. Any frozen dinner, even the Healthy Choice ones? Only if I want to blow through half of my sodium allowance for the day. No deli meats, nothing out of a can (besides fruit). No chips, and nothing from the bakery. Ouch. It takes a serious amount of work to do this, as you end up having to prepare many foods from scratch, and when you have a limited schedule and budget, you end up maybe eating not quite as much variety.

I am absolutely serious about cutting back to 1000 mg of sodium a day. The daily allowance is 2400 mg, and the people in charge of such things are actually working on lowering it, and lowering the amounts that processed foods contain. It just takes awhile to get people used to it. Let's face it, salt in food makes a lot of things taste really, really good.

Really, really good. I want some french fries...

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