Sunday, May 06, 2007

Huzza...huzza... huzzah!

(Sorry it took a bit to get going there...)

We're back! Saturday was beautiful weather! Warm, a bit windy, DRY! Sunday we woke to high winds, and as my son and I were coming back from the privies at a bit after 7, one of the other faire people ran over to let us know that 60 mph winds were on the way.

And it rained nearly the entire time that the faire was open. What a heartbreaker. And it was cold and windy.

Other main events (in no particular order):

1. Some kid taking the whole, putting-the-Spanish-Ambassador-into-the-stocks thing a little too seriously, and as he was being publically humilated (in character, a set bit), smacking him with a juggling stick across the posterior waaaaaayyyyy too hard, and causing a bit of a problem. Kids - don't hit people. No matter what. Seriously. Bad.

2. Discovering this evening that my new, spray on sunscreen is worth precisely nothing. I am fried. I couldn't tell this morning, because I had about five minutes worth of mirror-time.

3. I found a lost little girl, and took her to the ticket booth. She was reunited with her parents about 15 minutes later. I'll have to tell this story later, because it was only by chance that I saw her, and realized that she was lost.

4. Cheesecake, strawberry smoothies, and tight dresses do not mix. Learned the hard way.

5. Yes, you can go all day on breakfast, and a dill pickle. Not pretty, but it works.

6. If you are roasting at the end of the day in noble garb, you'll be freezing once you get back into 'danes, even if it is still near 80°F.

7. Wind = bad

8. Cold rain = worse + very few customers

9. Telling my son to let me sit in the chair, then two minutes later, having a wooden pole that was holding up the rain fly fall and smack me on the head (six feet long, three inches in diameter). No concussion, but it hurt, and dazed me for a minute. Having three worried kids two inches away from your face asking if you are okay was a little disconcerting. Having to tell them "No," was even more so. Finally, I just said, "Don't look at me," hid my face in my hat. Ten minutes later, we had customers, and I moved because I was getting dripped on, then moved again because one of the crossbows misfired, the bolt flipped back, and just about got me. Then, I was standing in the wrong spot when a cascade of water decided to fall out of the rain fly, directly on my head, down my hat, down my back, and into my bodice. Ice. Cold. Water. After that, I went up to the glass blower, and since they were cooling the forge down, they let me stand in front of it to get warm.

10. Started tearing down at 4:00 pm. Had one kid cut himself. Still waiting to hear if he needs stitches (he sat in the car for awhile, then wanted to go to dinner with us all, then ended up even helping us carry in gear).

11. The rain cleared up after we finished tearing down the booth. Great.

12. Went to McDonald's afterwards, because a picnic was no longer possible.

13. Home now. Tired. Very. Just finished my bath, going to bed. Stepped on the scale, and it is ten pounds down from Friday morning.

Good night!

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Wow. Rough day.

Well, maybe you should take the Good Person Test tomorrow. Have a good night.