Thursday, May 17, 2007

An you know what else is bugging me?

The school district making school fees due a whole month earlier than ever before. Due next month. And it is $57 more this year than last. I knew about, and fully support the $25 textbook fee (the 7th grade social studies book is over 8 years old. Eight years, people.). And I knew that my son needed a new gym uniform. Things aren't outrageous or anything, but geesh, give us a little warning before we open the preregistration packet.

(And to be fair, I don't read our local paper, mostly because I don't want to subscribe to it, as I don't want piles of newspapers around. Actually, i read it online, but their site sucks beyond all reason. Their "new" design is as unreadable as the old, and looks about six years out of date. So totally understandable that I would miss an announcement like that, because there would be no damn way to find it on that site.)

Oh, and my lovely new green bodice? The one I was so excited about? I'm bloated, and it doesn't fit. Sucks to be me...

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