Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I think that the only part of me that doesn't hurt is my hair, but that could change.

Working hard, still. Went grocery shopping, went to the post office, and library. Did five loads of laundry tonight, one of which was the fabric for the last tunic. While the laundry was in progress, I sewed together the cloak pieces, using french seams to encase the raw edges. I have the cloak hanging on my dressform, which my son has dubbed, "Scary Mary," in order to let it hang and settle a bit. All that is needed now is the binding on the edges, and a clasp (to be purchased at JoAnn fabrics tomorrow).

Yet to do tonight:

1. Iron and straighten the tunic fabric, and lining (urg, the lining).
2. Cut out the tunic pieces, in both fabric and lining.
3. Sew together tunic pieces, if at all possible.
4. Sleep at some point. next on the list

I am running on empty, and I keep finding five more things I need to do before this weekend, every time I turn around. I am going to keep my suitcase open on the floor of my room, and every time I touch something I need to bring, it's going in. I'll repack later. The problem with being Lady Rosalind this weekend, is that I'll need a large dressbag, farthingale, small suitcase full of accoutraments (shoes, corset, "jewels", smock, bumroll, etc.), hat, and parasol just for the one costume. I have a smaller dressbag for my pirate costume, and I can wear the same shoes, but dang, that's a heck of a lot of stuff. And I need my big suitcase for regular clothes, my makeup, hair stuff, and other personal camping items. Luckily, the suitcases are actually efficient to pack in the car, and I can really cram a ton of stuff into the big one. I'll still feel like I am a movie star, taking 20 bags just for a weekend trip... All necessary, but still...

Anyway, break over. I am going to go slam some caffeine down my throat, and get back to work.

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