Saturday, May 12, 2007

Relaxing day...

Seriously. Everything I did today was something I wanted to do. I slept until 8am, woke up, puttered around, took a bath, then made up the menus and grocery list for the week. I went heavy on the healthy stuff, as I want to make some changes to the way we eat.

For lunch, I ate a salad with a lot of good-for-me stuff on it. After lunch, I settled down in my room to watch "Elizabeth I," with Helen Mirren (yes, she also plays Elizabeth II, in "The Queen"). This movie was astounding. I only watched the first part, and had to stop at one point, it was so graphic. Just incredible. And yes, I was heavily distracted by the gorgeous costumes. Just beautiful detailing, even among the men's clothing. I know the costuming won awards, and it would be fascinating to be able to find detailed photos online. I know movie costumers sometimes take liberties with construction, but there is a lot to be learned here.

(I am writing the rest of this offline, as my internet at home has been unstable for the last couple of days, and is now off again. Big nuisance.)

I also realized that I had seen at least two of the gowns worn by Queen Elizabeth. Philippa Gregory's novels usually have very lovely paintings on the covers. One cover has a very interesting similarity, in that two women are wearing gowns extremely similar to two of the gowns in the movie. In fact, on one of the costuming forums that I read, we were discussing that a new Simplicity pattern may have been modeled on that book cover. Looks like the pattern was modeled on the movie instead.

When I was taking a break to settle my stomach, I decided to start cutting out the fabric for my new green bodice. I started out with a yard of 60" wide green brocade, and ended up with over half of it left. Because of this, I decided to make shoulder and waist tabs, and maybe even a pouch. I also had a small bit of olive green "silk" that I decided to use to accent the tabs and pouch. There is not much of it, so it will be used to edge the tabs. I am even thinking of adding in some red grosgrain ribbon to the tab decoration. I confirmed that my olive green, broadcloth (shudder) skirt will complement the bodice well enough. Accessories will dress it up to the proper piratey-goodness. Perhaps later I will find enough of this fabric for a better skirt, and can convert it to noble garb...

I ended up cutting out the cotton duck lining after dinner, and everything is waiting for my sewing machine tomorrow. I decided on using the double lining only in the front, where the boning channels will be located. This saved me a bit of cutting, although I may change my mind tomorrow. I tried using my tailor chalk to trace the pattern on the fabric, instead of cutting with the pattern pieces pinned to the cloth. It is much easier, and more accurate this way. More work, but worth it.

Lest you all think that all I did was work today, I spent a great deal of time lounging, reading, and enjoying the fresh air. I tended my plants (sprouts, really - the moss roses and morning glory are finally showing their faces!). Time has slowed a bit for me lately, as I am no longer rushing to finish too many projects in too little time.

Well, except for the fact that I need to have at least one noble doublet done for my son by June 23rd.

But what is life without a challenge? ;)

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