Friday, May 11, 2007


Sorry that I haven't posted in a couple of days. I have gone from being overbusy, to not quite busy enough, which meant lots of time for things like sorting my two plastic containers of trims, detail cleaning the kitchen (ugh), and trying to ignore the fact that I turned 35 on Wednesday.

I am getting excited, though, by a new bodice that i am making for myself. Last fall, when I made my red noble gown, I was not happy with the way the bodice turned out. It ended up being too long waisted, and too big around the bust and shoulders. I made it work, though, as I had no choice. So, last Monday, I started redrafting the bodice pattern. I am nearly satisfied with the fit, with needing just a half inch total more space in the bust after the alteration (you'd be surprised at the difference a quarter of an inch on either side makes in fitted clothing), and a little more taken off at the shoulder. This is going to be for my pirate garb, in a green and gold brocade that I picked up a couple of summers ago. I think I can wear it with a dark green skirt I made for Amana back in 2005. I am excited about getting this to fit correctly, because it will help when I make new noble garb for this fall.

My fingers are itching for detail work.

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