Friday, January 11, 2008

The end of the week

Long day today. By 4 o'clock, I could barely keep my eyes open. Still, I finished up the sweeping in the labs, and helped my boss carry the old metal power strips down to the loading dock (4 flights of stairs).

We only got stuck once, in the stairwell from the first floor to the ground floor, because we used the open stairwell as long as we could. Since I was on the tail end of the strips, I had to lift them up nearly over my head (youch!), so my boss could pivot them enough to get around the curve. Finally, after well over 10 years in the open lab, the custom metal power strips are gone! I will not miss them a bit, as they were getting old and unsafe. Considering that the decision to replace them was somewhat spur of the moment, I think we made an excellent decision.

We started our lab network upgrade yesterday morning, and originally thought it would take us maybe a morning or most of a day to do all of this. We were slightly off in our estimation, but it was a project that was well worth the time it took.

And my gigabit ethernet is smokin' fast. Applying my Cinema4DR10.5 transcript to the 20 MacPros in that room took less than 15 minutes, which included me logging into several machines at a time, launching radmind, getting updates, running fsdiff,, and while that was running, logging into a new set of machines, doing the same, then going back to the original machines and applying the transcript. I was giggling the whole time, it was so fast.

After the power strips were tossed, I finished cleaning up the labs, and our output center, and ended up with just a couple of things I need to go back into work to take care of (scheduling, including the temp schedule for next week). Plus, our color printer was being fussy when I tried to print some signs I needed to post before Monday. The drums aren't aligning correctly, so the colors weren't registered correctly. So, I am going to get some colorful paper and run the signs through on the black and white printer, and get a service tech in on Monday morning (I hope).

So, i am tired, and achy, but we got a lot accomplished during break, and we are ready for the new semester. Now, if you are asking me if I am psychologically ready for the new semester... well... that's an entirely different matter...

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