Friday, January 25, 2008

Updates and such

About the sign thing - no worries there. Yes, there were six signs that were not very nice, but they were not terribly threatening. Pretty immature stuff, complaining that the lab was closed on Monday. Because, you know, they didn't get the whole "University Offices closed" thing.

This week has been very busy, and this afternoon was doubly so. I am enjoying a quiet evening, watching old episodes of Star Trek, Next Generation Season 1. The last two, in fact. My only question is, where the heck is Wesley? Now we have to wait for NetFlix to deliver the season 2 disc 1...

Sewing stuff is going well. I really, really love my new sleeves and forepart. I am still working on the sleeves, but I have one sleeve decorated, and ready to be tacked together. I still haven't figured out if I want to use single pearls to catch the sleeve panes together, or if I want to do something slightly more elaborate. I don't have time constraints on this project, so I really can take my time and make them gorgeous.

The next project will be to add the decorations to the black bodice and skirt. I have trim on the black gown already, but it needs more to make it really special. I am, of course, going to try this gown on first. I am making very slow progress in my weight loss goals, and I want to be realistic about my body shape. If the gown fits, then I won't feel quite so bad about the extra 8 pounds. If it doesn't fit, then I have to make a concerted effort to lose this weight. Ideally, though, my goal is to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year. However, whatever size I am in May will be the size I stick with until after the Des Moines Faire. I won't have time to do too many alterations if I keep losing wieght after May.

And if you are wondering - no I did not gain 30 pounds since September. I gained about 10. I just want to be slimmer. And yes, you may not think it to look at me, but there is 30 pounds there to lose. I'm just sick of being chunky in certain areas.

So far, this week I have lost about 2 and a half pounds. I am simply cutting out snacking, and portion sizes. I am not really hungry or anything, so I must be doing okay. We'll see how this goes. I just don't want to be this size any more, even if it is average.

Okay, so I got my internet fix for awhile. I am going back to my sewing. I am going to watch Knight's Tale, which is one of the favorites I pop in when I sew garb. I am still sad about Heath Ledger. I think he was just someone I thought would be around for a really long time. I've honestly watched Knight's Tale more times than I can remember, and was really looking forward to new Batman (just saw the trailer Saturday night, and didn't even realize he was playing Joker - too blown away to even see the credits).

Okay, that's enough for the evening. Geek Girl must sew, so she can relax!

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