Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just finished watching Project Runway, and boy am I upset.

The challenge was to create a prom dress for girls from a high school in New Jersey. Some incredibly beautiful work came out of this challenge, with my favorites being Chris and Sweet Pea. Gorgeous work! I was not thrilled by Jillian's work, and I am still not sure why she won over Sweet Pea.

But the shock moment of the evening was yet to come.

Christian, my least favorite designer, managed to once again stay on the show. His dress was Awful, and he blamed his client. The back of the dress was shorter than the front, and it did nothing to flatter the poor girl. Seriously looked like a bad flashback to the 80's, just like most of his work. He never bothered to pad the dressmaker dummy to his clients measurements, so it fit poorly. Try a seriously large gap in the back that he had to fit. He also spent most of the show whining as usual. His youth shows whenever he's expected to do anything outside the normal fashion box.

And yet, he still remains, and they kicked off KEVIN!


They kicked off Kevin and let Christian and Ricky stay. And Jillian won.

Did they start fixing the competition????

I guess overtly hideous wins over the mildly aging.

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