Thursday, January 03, 2008

To exhausted to caucus

This cold/sinus thingy has really worn me out. I went back to work this morning, despite not being able to sleep until around 3 am, and even then, sleeping only fitfully. I was okay until around 1:30 pm, when things started catching up on me. I finished up a project I was working on that pretty much required me to be on my feet (thanks to all of the boxes marked "fragile" that were piled up in front of the computer I needed to update. I could reach the keyboard, but not sit in the chair, and I had to stand at an awkward angle, oh for most of two hours, off an on).

I bummed a sudafed off another cold sufferer in our main office, and that, and some caffeine helped me get through until about 4:45, when I got up to leave for the day. Immediate dizziness. very fun, you have to try it some time.

The plan had been to go to Walmart to get this certain type of shelf that apparently, you can only get there. Instead, we went to the grocery store, and then home, were I ate a large bowl of chicken tortilla soup, and felt much, much less light-headed.

However, now that the sudafed has worn off, a good four hours before bed time, I am in no condition to go lock myself in a crowded room for three hours to caucus.

I know, I am a terrible person for not doing my civic duty at this time, but I am comforting myself with the thought that at least I will not be exposing them to whatever it is that is making me sick.

So, my hats off to all of you Dems in the caucus places tonight: pick good candidates, please. I'd be there if I weren't sick.

P.S. Tomorrow, i am going to bask in the glow of NO MORE POLITICAL PHONE CALLS. Must they call every 30 minutes (been going on for the last week, with a minimum of three calls every night for the last month and a half)?

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