Monday, April 30, 2007

Of course there would be a snag in the plans...

1. The pattern is printed wrong. The extension pieces, which are to be taped to the upper part of the cloak, do not match up! The registration marks are off! I had to fudge it... I also cut into this pattern, rather than trace it off, as I will never use it again. I will buy a newer copy, hopefully without the registration issues. I found another "typo", so to speak, but it was minor.

2. I painstakingly ironed the flannel, then folded it in half, matching up the selvedges, and pinning them the length of the fabric (6 3/4 yards), only to look at the fabric layout more carefully, and see that it did not need to be folded lengthwise at all. Bugger.

3. I forgot how hard it is to cut flannel. My hand hurts.

4. Good news is, it's a matter of sewing three seams, and adding the binding to the edge. I am going to buy a clasp tomorrow, and add black guimpe braid around the edges.

5. I have a raging headache from having to cut this out, on the floor. It's also a million degrees in the living room, since I had to turn the fan off (blowing the pattern tissue too much). I can finally turn it on now.

Three seams, then I can go to bed. Six, actually, since I am doing french seams... then to bed! Or maybe I'll do it at lunch, because my headache is really, really bad...

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