Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beautiful Day

Gorgeous out today! We went to visit my sister this morning. My son played with my 2 1/2 year old nephew, while I held the new baby (he's so good! Barely made a peep!) J. was wild, of course, because it was close to nap time. We left as my brother-in-law was trying to get him to sleep.

We had rehearsal in Des Moines at 12:30, so we ran through the drive-thru to get my son something to eat, then got on the road to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park. We had rehearsal at Festival Park, and ran into Rick, who was busy trying to plot out where the new restroom facility will be located. Patrons and merchants, you're getting flushies!!!!!

We practiced promenading, introductions, and dancing. We also talked about what our characters will be doing when out among the patrons. For example, I will be looking for a husband, with the help of the Queen and the Duchess of Kent, Lady Isabella. This should be quite funny. ;)

We have one appearance this month, on the 23rd, at Valley West Mall. There will be press-releases for this, as well as a bunch of media-type people at the actual event. We're participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new children's area of the mall. We'll be dancing, talking with people, doing a knighting and lady in waiting ceremony, and teaching people the three dances that we've learned so far. Later in August, we'll be attending a farmer's market as the court, shopping and talking with people about the faire. Anything we can do to generate interest and publicity, and get a good turnout...

After we got back to Ames, I pretty much crashed, and took a nearly four-hour nap. I had a headache, and just needed to rest. I didn't even move until after 8 pm, at which time, I bolted out of bed, appalled that it was so late. My son hadn't even eaten dinner yet, although I noticed that he had a peanut butter sandwich at some point. I went grocery shopping, and we ate dinner when I came home. I feel like such a loser-mom, because he made himself a frozen dinner for supper (spaghetti and meatballs, the $1 Banquet brand dinners. Hey, he likes them, and they only have 400 calories, which isn't terribly bad.). The only problem now is that I am awake when I should be sleeping.

I've got to get a bunch of things done tomorrow, in advance of having company next weekend. The main thing is getting my sewing stuff sorted out and put away, and my son's room cleaned, disinfected, sterilized, and whatever else you need to do to a teenager's room to get it presentable. Our big project is finally getting the tubs of toys out of his closet, sorted, and donated or put into storage. Legos and sporting stuff can stay, according to him. Hot Wheels stuff, and movie toys will go into storage for later eBay sales. Everything else is going. Finally!!!!!!

I also need to get his doublet cut out, and put together. We found the rest of the buttons that we needed (sixteen down the front, with four left over for the pants). I spent more money on the buttons for this than I spent on the fabric! (of course, if I work out how much of that tablecloth I am going to use on his doublet and sleeves, it would be about $2.00 in fabric!). At least the hard part is over. The second mock-up is pretty close to the right size. I can cut the outer fabric and lining tomorrow, and get things mostly sewn probably by Tuesday night, if I work steadily. It has to be done by the 23rd, so that the Viscount of Hereford can look the part, rather than looking like he's been dragged through a muddy field, and used his tunic for a napkin. Damn turkey legs. ;)

Whoa, I wrote a little more than I had planned... Well, time to end this long and rambling post (my second in two days, I see). I am going to get a snack, then sit and try to read until I get sleepier. I have no idea why I slept so long this evening, other than the fact that we were pretty active this afternoon. My headache is back now, too. Hopefully, it will be gone tomorrow...

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