Thursday, June 28, 2007

Diet Problems

You know how when you really want to do something, you just can't do it? But when you don't want that something to happen, it does? Yep, I'm having that problem right now.

My weight. Is becoming a problem to me.

At the end of the summer, my focus will be on maintaining my weight, and size, due to the faire. But right now, when I need to lose weight, I am having problems focusing, and lack willpower to change my eating habits. The "No Pizza" post-it note on the phone is working for that food, but I need a permanent post-it in front of my face for other things.

I kicked the caffeine habit, but the diet is kicking me.

And the worst part is that the low-sodium, low-fat diet is more important to my health than the no-caffeine... I have to do this. I don't have a choice.

I am going to do this. Ten pounds will be gone in July, and five in August (after which, it can't fluctuate at all, due to the faire and costumes needing to fit). Accountability is the key.

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